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Keyless Locks for Families

Many families require at least two incomes to support a household and children are often left to fend for themselves until a parent can return home. With summer approaching comes the uneasy ... Read more »

Home Defense: What you can learn from those doomsday preppers

Everyday, more and more Americans are preparing for a doomsday scenario. They’re storing supplies in garages and spare rooms and even go as far as to build self-sufficient, underground bunkers. ... Read more »


Would Keyless Locks Have Prevented Sexual Assault at Dartmouth University?

A columnist at Valley News believes Dartmouth University could’ve prevented sexual assault on campus with keyless locks. Valley News (VNews.com) is a news source from the Upper Valley in ... Read more »

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Widespread Wireless Electricity Within A Year?

Imagine a world where you can hang your flat screen without having to worry about cords hanging down or you could walk into your home and your laptop and cellphone begin to automatically charge.  ... Read more »


Protect Your Home From Invasions

Let’s face it—the mere thought of a home invasion is scary. The ability to relax and feel safe in our own home is a luxury that we all take for granted—until something happens.  Your home is the ... Read more »

Choosing a Keyless Lock

FACT: Keyless door locks are far superior to conventional locks in every way. You may be thinking, “Well, of course they’d say that. The name of their business is “GoKeyless.” You’re right, we ... Read more »

Key Override. Explained.

It’s questions we are asked often.  What is the key override?  Why do I need this if I am “going keyless.”  Which one do I get? While the first keyless locks we offered in 2003 ... Read more »

Our CES Recap

Last week, we attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. As you may have read in our post last week, the majority of our time was focused on home automation and the large number ... Read more »

Don’t Say Goodbye Like This – Chronicles Of Old Age

One of the more difficult calls locksmiths make is opening a door for an elderly parent who’s aging in place.  It comes from a relative who hasn’t heard from mom or dad in awhile, and ... Read more »

Opening Cabinets With Medical Gloves

Behavorial Health Facility Consulting - (bhfcllc.com) Searching for the right key, handling it with gloved hands that may be contaminated and making sure the cabinet locks after it is closed are ... Read more »