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Quarterback locked out

Locks in the News: College Quarterback Gets Locked Out of Apartment, Tweets His Struggle

Cardale Jones, the charismatic and sometimes controversial breakout star quarterback for Ohio State University, recently turned to Twitter to chronicle his experience of being locked out of his ... Read more »

mother leaves baby alone

Locks in the News: Locked-Out Mother Leaves Baby Alone While Smoke Alarm Goes Off

A London-area mother endured quite a scare recently when she accidentally locked herself out of her apartment, leaving her 10-month old child alone inside. To make matters worse, she had left a ... Read more »

toddler locks parents out

Locks in the News: Firefighters Come to the Rescue of Parents Locked Out by One-Year-Old

Two unnamed parents from Berkshire, England endured a brief but panic-worthy situation when their one-year-old child accidentally locked them out of their home. The couple was forced to wait for ... Read more »

man stuck in chimney

Locks in the News: Man Gets Stuck in a Chimney After His Friends Lock Him Out

A practical joke went terribly awry recently when firefighters had to be called in the early morning hours on Sunday, July 5th to rescue a 23-year-old man who got stuck inside the chimney of a ... Read more »


Would Keyless Locks Have Prevented Sexual Assault at Dartmouth University?

A columnist at Valley News believes Dartmouth University could’ve prevented sexual assault on campus with keyless locks. Valley News ( is a news source from the Upper Valley in ... Read more »

Electrical plug

Widespread Wireless Electricity Within A Year?

Imagine a world where you can hang your flat screen without having to worry about cords hanging down or you could walk into your home and your laptop and cellphone begin to automatically charge.  ... Read more »

Opening Cabinets With Medical Gloves

Behavorial Health Facility Consulting – ( Searching for the right key, handling it with gloved hands that may be contaminated and making sure the cabinet locks after it is ... Read more »

SC Governor Nikki Haley Locked Out of Governor’s Mansion

Wednesday September 4 ( – Gov. Nikki Haley locks herself out of mansion while wearing just a robe. South Carolina’s First Mom admitted on Facebook that she’d gotten stuck ... Read more »

Nina Dobrev at the Oscars.

Nina Dobrev Gets Locked Out Of Her House On Oscar Day

Los Angeles, February 24 ( Before hopping from Elton John’s AIDs Foundation gala to both Vanity Fair‘s exclusive bash and Seth MacFarlane’s own party, Nina Dobrev hit a ... Read more »


Avoid Car Wrecks, Go Keyless!

Lafayette, December 12 ( – William “Billy” Barry, 44, of Lafayette was slowing to a stop while driving south on 18th Street when he looked down to see if the key to his new ... Read more »