Backyard Security Ideas From Outdoor Keyless Gate Locks to Lighting

We all love the summer time! From opening up the windows to let in fresh air to decorating your backyard patio or enjoying an outdoor fire pit, there’s a lot of reasons to spend more time outdoors these days.

But with your kids out of school and the temperature heating up quickly, there’s also a higher chance of your home being broken into this summer. According to an FBI crime report, in 2017, more than 1 million burglaries were reported in the United States, with over 50% of that total number resulting from forced entries and 36% from unlawful entries. What’s perhaps most startling is that many of these burglaries occur even when a household member is still inside the home (U.S. Department of Justice).

To ensure your home stays locked, and most importantly, your loved ones stay protected while you’re away, here are some effective security ideas to protect your home from its most vulnerable place: the backyard.

Pro Backyard Security Tips

Test All Windows & Door Locks: Get into the habit of checking your home’s windows and door locks for strength, durability, and functionality. Begin with the front entry points and end with the secondary entry points in the back, such as your sliding glass doors. If you notice your locks are becoming weak due to age, wear, or grade level quality, it’s time to replace them.

Install a Keyless Gate Lock: If the back of your home is fenced in with a wooden or metal gate, be sure it includes a keyless gate lock application or a heavy duty gate latch. Because your backyard area is more secluded, it may offer burglars more privacy to assess your home and discover an easy entry point that you may have overlooked.

Add Outdoor Lighting: After sunset, your home can easily become more susceptible to burglars using the cover of darkness to break into your property. Try adding motion detecting light fixtures around both your backyard and front yard area.

Update Your Home Security with Smart Technology: From adding surveillance cameras in and around your home to securing each entry point using wireless door locks, there are endless ways you can enhance the safety of your home while also adding more confidence and peace of mind you can control from anywhere.

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