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Key Override. Explained.

It's questions we are asked often.  What is the key override?  Why do I need this if I am "going keyless."  Which one do I get? While the first keyless locks we offered in 2003 were 100% mechanical and didn't have a key override feature, it has become more commonplace in the years since with the advent of electronic locks,…

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Common Types of Door Locking Mechanisms

Are you looking to replace your old door knobs with new keyless locks?  Maybe you are looking to get into the latest technology boom for your home or business? Are you researching door locks and are confused as to where to start?  Let us help you. When you're unsure as to where to begin looking for your new replacement lock, the…

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Types of Door Locks

Since door locks were invented over 4000 years ago in ancient Egypt, much has changed as to the types of locks available.  Today, there are door locks to fit any style and security need.  What follows is a general outline of the types of door locks you can find in the 21st century. Until the 1960's, door locks were only…

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