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Father Stuck In Chimney Because He got Locked Out of His Own House

This would not of happened if they had a keyless lock, like a Schlage FE365 Kit LUBBOCK, Texas (AP) -- Firefighters have rescued a Lubbock man who proved to be no Santa Claus. Fire officials said they had to hoist the 22-year-old man by rope from the chimney of his house in southwest Lubbock early Monday after he became stuck in…

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Police locked out of station after key breaks off in door

This would not of happened if they had a keyless lock, like a Kaba Simplex 1031 FLINT -- The Associated Press reports people are locked out of the Flint Police Station. Apparently a key broke off in the door of the building, located at 210 Fifth Street, just after 8:00 Thursday morning. The Flint Journal reports police are trying to get it fixed, but…

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President Obama Locked Out of White House

[x_video_embed no_container="true"][/x_video_embed] Even the President can forget his keys from time to time.  When you get a new keyless lock you won't be locked out like President Obama was today.  Just imagine, your house could have better locks than the most famous house in all America!

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