Fingerprint Door Locks

In addition to our lines of mechanical and electronic keyless door locks, GoKeyless™ offers a growing selection of fingerprint locks. As an emerging technology, biometrics can provide advanced security and convenience, especially in a door lock. Just think, not only do you have no keys to carry or lose, but you don’t even need to remember a code.  There is no better way to provide unique identification.

As you shop our site, you will find fingerprint door locks that use either optical or thermal recognition technology. All fingerprint locks started out using the optical technology, which essentially takes a scan of the person’s unique pattern and then creates a binary number. This number is a representation of the points in the pattern.

Recently, a new wave of fingerprint door locks utilizing the latest in sensor technology entered the market, able to serve a range of applications and needs. The head-turning Anviz L100 processes a presented fingerprint as fast and effective as any residential, light traffic fingerprint lock we’ve seen. The 1Touch® IQ2 is another higher-end residential, as well as small-industry fingerprint lock that will make you feel your security in the best of hands. Larger organizations, companies with multiple sites, industrial settings, and businesses requiring a greater level of protection and oversight will want to look at the Westinghouse RTS Access Control lock.

Our biometric locks and fingerprint locks come in decorative styles, including fingerprint deadbolt locks, finger print knob locks, and fingerprint door locks with handles. Since this is still an emerging technology, we take quality very seriously, and only promote locks that pass our rigorous internal testing for long term durability and performance. Make no mistake, we offer the best fingerprint door locks at the best prices backed by the best service.

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Anviz L100-II Nanotechnology Fingerprint Lock & Card Reader

1Touch Evo3 Indoor/Outdoor Fingerprint Door Lock

Westinghouse RTS PIN Code Lock & Fingerprint Reader