Great Home Entryway Makeover with Yale Real Living

Yale Real Living push button and touchscreen keyless entry locks.

Enhance your entryway with Yale Real Living keyless entry.

Summer is in full swing, and that means backyard barbecues, concerts in the park, and a few home projects to tend to.  We’d like to make one suggestion to your projects list that we know you will love.  It’s called Yale Real Living, and it’s a just released keyless entry home security line of locks that will totally change how you, your kids, and anyone you invite over come and go.  Offered in a traditional push button, and contemporary touchscreen design, the Yale Real Living electronic locks have a dramatic effect on your door without a lot of effort involved, draw the look of anyone passing by on your street, and ensures you always have a way in even if and especially when you forget your keys.  Check out the entire line of Yale Real Living locks today and add punch to your entryway.