Home Security Systems for Special Needs Children

Protecting your loved ones is one of the most important jobs you have as a parent. If you’re looking for better ways to improve your home’s security, our team at GoKeyless is here to help!

As a leading supplier of the world’s most advanced keyless door lock solutions, we offer a wide variety of home security systems to keep your family safe, protected, and confident while at home or away.  

One question we often get from our valued customers is which keyless door locks are better for children with special needs. 

We often recommend a double-sided keyless deadbolt lock, as these provide an added layer of protection, should you get locked out of your home or your child attempt to go outside unsupervised. Many of these keyless solutions are also equipped to trigger an alarm and send you notifications the minute the lock is activated. Certain options also include an emergency lock system, which means you have more control over who enters and exits your home. 

Other home security options that can benefit your family include:

Surveillance Cameras

Installing a quality surveillance camera outside of your home is a great way to keep an eye on your property and watch your children when they play outside. Many of the options we offer easily connect to your home’s WIFI, so you can watch your kids from any smart device and include voice communication, so you can stay connected. 

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Double-Sided Keyless Gate Locks

If your home is fenced in, you may currently use a single cylinder door lock system. With a double-cylinder option, you can ensure that your gate stays locked with added assurance. And because we feature keyless options, you can also control access from either side of the gate to ensure your child is unable to pick the lock or open the gate without you present. 

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Keyless Sliding Door Locks

As many residential homes are equipped with sliding glass doors, the danger of your child unlocking this entry point in the home and wandering outdoors is a frightening scenario that we want to help you avoid. Our selection of sliding glass door locks help you keep your home secure, protected, and in your control. 

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Upgrading your home to a keyless door lock solution is easier than you think and also more affordable. To learn more about our products, or if you have questions, contact our team today at (877) 439-5377. We know that every home is unique and that every family has different needs, which is why we are here to walk you through your options and help you find the best keyless solution.

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