How Can Trilogy Locks Protect You?

Trilogy keyless locks are one of the most trusted brands for retailers, medical facilities, restaurants, and gyms. In other words, they’re perfect for places where simple key locks are impractical due to the number of people needing to get in and out and the level of security needed.

Keys are easily lost and easily copied, while Trilogy electronic locks use combinations of keypads or cards to allow entry.

The number of locks available can seem intimidating, so it’s best to begin by establishing what level of complexity you need. Here’s a breakdown of Trilogy lock models to get you started.

Basic Keypad Locks

One of our most popular locks, the base model of the Trilogy T2 series has a keypad that accommodates up to 100 users with numerical codes. You program the lock using the keypad, and users simply enter their code to gain access to the secured area. No wires, no app or website, and no keys or cards to lose!

This lock is perfect for those who need a simple but secure lock without a lot of fluff. The biggest choice is whether you’d like an indoor lock or an outdoor waterproof model.

More complex versions of this lock offer codes for up to 200 users or even up to 2000 users, and they include additional programming features, like allowing entry at specific hours.

Cards or Full-System Models

If you want more than just a keypad, look into proximity card models, like the PDL3000 (anything beginning with “PDL” will use card entry). For the highest security, you can program the PDL3000 to only allow entry when a user has both a card and an access code – a sort of two-system authentication method.

For more professionally managed systems, Trilogy’s Networx models, including this popular system-in-a-box starter kit, allow you to manage your system wirelessly through your computer or laptop. Expanders allow you to increase the range in which the system works, particularly if you have multiple buildings.

Those are the base models of all Trilogy electronic locks, but there are additional features and unique installation instances that you may want to look into as well.

Unique Installation

For storefront doors with aluminum frames and glass windows, the Trilogy DL1300 is a narrow weatherproof lock that fits on the frame and doesn’t touch the glass. Other Trilogy models work in tandem with panic bars instead of traditional handles for schools or businesses.

Additional Features

Many Trilogy locks offer additional features: audit trails, so you can print out the access history; a real-time clock, so you can schedule auto-locks or limit access to specific hours; and specific-use codes, like one-time entry codes, emergency and service codes, or lockout codes.

All Trilogy locks come with a 2-year warranty and are simple to install.

With so many Trilogy locks available, GoKeyless can help you find the right solution for your business. Contact us to find out which is best for you, or search our Trilogy keyless locks to explore on your own!