How Keyless Locks Help Boutique Hotels and Rental Property Owners Ease Guests’ Security Concerns

Because of the increased security, convenience and cost-effectiveness, hotel and rental property owners have a lot to gain from “going keyless” due to the added benefits that keyless locks offer to guests and tenants. Just think about it: If you own and rent out a condo, vacation home, mountain cabin, beach house, etc., you know how cumbersome it is for your guests to have to swing by the rental office–or meet up with you somewhere–to pick up the keys, especially after a long day of travel.

Wouldn’t it be a thousand times better to have keyless locks installed on the property, and then all you would have to do is simply text or email the passcode to your guest? No fuss, no muss and no wasted time. It makes a heck of a lot more sense than keeping up with clunky keys that have to physically change hands before your guest can have access to the property.

Not only that, but think about how many vacation rental property owners live out of state, possibly hundreds or even thousands of miles away from their properties. The biggest hurdle is always how to get the keys to the guest in the most sensible manner. This typically means meeting up with someone local who can act as a “proxy” for the property owner; this person is going to need their own copy of the key as well. On top of that, factor in maintenance staff, housekeeping, friends, etc., and after a while all of your keys have disappeared into the “black hole” of logistical inefficiency.

With a keyless lock such as the Schlage FE575 , you can assign one passcode to your guest, another to the maintenance staff, and yet another to the housekeeping personnel, and you can reset or delete these codes as needed. It just makes more sense to install a keyless lock so that you can circumvent all of the inconvenience and potential security problems that come along with using traditional keys. Not only that, but with technology improving in the vacation rental industry across the board, the last thing that needs to be lagging behind is the actual device being used to control access to the property. It’s time to go keyless!

Hoteliers are also discovering the benefits of installing keyless locks on all of their guest room doors. It definitely makes sense from an ROI perspective, because keyless locks help to curb the expense of having to re-key locks due to lost keys, as well as soaring insurance costs due to cases of theft. Many hotels are using a combination of keyless locks and mobile check-in apps to offer guests a completely stress-free arrival, as they are now able to bypass the front desk altogether.

Hotel owners who are looking for ways to increase customer loyalty will definitely recognize the power of putting keyless locks to work for them. According to hotel marketing strategy consulting firm RockCheetah, most hotels will adopt keyless locks within the next 5 to 10 years, so going keyless also makes sense from the standpoint of maintaining competitive advantage. As technology continues to progress in the hotel and rental property management industries, the message being put forth is unmistakably clear: Either go keyless or get left behind. Resolve to stay ahead of the curve by making the switch to keyless locks today!

SCHLAGE FE575 Plymouth Keypad Lock, Elan Lever