How to Talk Your HOA Into Keyless Locks

Depending upon whom you talk to, the phrase “homeowners association” can conjure up a wide range of responses. As the governing body for a development or complex, the homeowners association (HOA) can exert great influence over what standards and restrictions are adopted by the entire neighborhood. When you purchase a property governed by an HOA, you automatically become a member of that association as well, which means that you now have a voice–and a vote–in terms of what changes can be made to the various covenants and restrictions that govern the neighborhood.

If you’ve been enjoying the advantages of keyless locks, it may have crossed your mind to encourage your HOA to adopt them for all properties in the neighborhood as well. If you’re ready to propose the topic of keyless locks at the next homeowners association meeting, below are some pointers to keep in mind that will help you make your case for keyless locks.

1. Emphasize the superior security of keyless locks.

If there’s one thing that homeowners value in their neighborhood, it’s safety. You can leverage this point by emphasizing that keyless locks are far safer than traditional locks and keys because they’re pick-proof and bump-proof, plus they eliminate the problem of keys falling into the wrong hands. HOAs are typically very picky about keeping any riff-raff out of the neighborhood, so knowing that keyless locks will prevent unwanted visitors from illegally obtaining copies of house keys will bring a sigh of relief for most HOA members.

2. Emphasize the lower costs of maintenance.

Classic pin-and-tumbler locks are subject to significant wear-and-tear over time, and if you’ve ever had to deal with a lock that was difficult to engage (or a key that gets stuck all the time), you know how aggravating it can be. Keyless locks allow for a much lower rate of wear, since they’re not subject to the repetitive friction that’s required to operate traditional locks; this reduces maintenance costs over the long haul. In addition, having a keyless lock installed will keep you from ever having to call a locksmith–which isn’t cheap–in case of a lockout.

Another way keyless locks can help keep money in homeowners’ pockets is by the insurance value they offer. Many insurance companies will offer you a discount on your homeowners insurance rates if you have keyless locks installed. Bringing up these points will help your HOA discover that installing keyless locks carries important financial benefits as well.

3. Mention that keyless locks are an excellent choice for securing common areas.

If your development has a pool, clubhouse, fitness center, etc., keyless locks are the perfect fit for securing those types of common areas. For example, a double-sided keyless lock such as the Lockey M210DC is a top choice for pool gates, because it alleviates the common problem of unauthorized visitors reaching over or around the gate to unlock it from the inside. Keyless locks will ensure a greater level of access control, and can keep freeloaders and vandals from being able to access common areas. This will make the community feel safer overall, and can also prevent unwanted incidents or property damage from occurring.

Alright, you’ve got your “ammunition” now, and you can head to your next HOA meeting with confidence. Go forth, and convince your HOA to go keyless!

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