Keep Apartments Safe With These Tips

Apartments can easily become targets for thieves and robbers due to their proximity to one another and the fact that most of them are located in more populated areas. Depending on the security level of your apartment building, people can oftentimes walk in through the front door and break into your apartment due to the sheer number of people walking in and out of the building. It can be tough to find ways to secure your apartment and keep your things safe, and if you are looking for peace of mind, you need to think about upgrading your smart home technology. If you are looking for the best tech solutions for your apartment’s security, let the expert staff here at GoKeyless help you get the right products today.

Fob Locks

New fob locks for multi-housing apartment buildings allow property owners to realize a higher return on their investment by leveraging next level technology for access and security. By migrating to a keyless system where re-keying is handled at a centralized computer controls costs, lessens the possibility of legal action from a master key falling into the wrong hands, and elevates the experience for renters, as they can rest assure their security fob cannot be duplicated. Systems from industry leaders Schlage and dormakaba operate from a comprehensive software designed to improve property operations at a fraction of the hardware and installations costs of hardwired access control. Property managers can focus on the property and tenants, not tracking keys, or making trips to have new keys made. With thousands of locks installed in hundreds of properties across the country, GoKeyless can work with your builder, contractors, and property managers to answer all of your questions about these products and implement a complete end to end solution.

Smart Locks

Smart locks are one of the best ways to ensure that your apartment stays safe and secure all day long. No matter what your schedule is or how many people reside in your apartment, smart locks make it easier than ever to track activity, track if your apartment is locked, and keep your apartment safe and locked. One of our favorite smart locks is the Schlage Connect BE469. This versatile lock and deadbolt system allows for keyed, keyless and keypad entry, and easily connects with most z-wave smart home technology. You can customize dozens of codes, allowing for easy tracking of who is entering your apartment at what time through your smartphone. You even have access to a built-in alarm to notify you when your door opens and when someone has arrived, which we recommend the Nexia hub for remote notifications of the alarm, tamper alerts, and activity alerts. You can also control this lock remotely by pairing it with a VeraEdge or VeraPlus hub. With two different finish options, this lock offers the perfect combination of modern style and the latest home security technology on the market.

Security Cameras

Have you ever thought that you definitely left a valuable piece of jewelry somewhere only to have it go missing? Maybe you have a nosy neighbor who has been sneaking in, or maybe your dog has been getting up to some serious trouble while you are away. You can easily put your mind at ease by installing a small camera system into your apartment. The Vistacam 700 HD Wireless Camera System is one of our favorite options currently on the market. When paired with a VeraEdge hub, this camera can easily be integrated seamlessly into any smart home system. These small and sleek cameras can easily be placed on any shelf or table in your home, providing you with a live video feed directly to your smartphone. The camera comes with a motion sensor, a built-in microphone, infrared LED night vision, and a micro SD slot to easily record the day’s proceedings. You can also pair multiple cameras to cover your entire apartment to your comfort level.

Secure Sliding Doors

Many apartments have decks or access to backyard areas that are accessible via sliding doors. Sliding glass doors provide tons of light and are easy to use, but they pose a serious security risk to your apartment. You need to secure this entry point with a smart lock that is small enough and durable enough to easily fit in the space. The Lockey 2500 is a beautifully sleek smart lock that easily fits on any sliding door and can be accessed via a keypad or through a traditional lock and key system. The Lockey is completely weatherproof and comes in six different finish colors, making it the perfect lock for any sliding door. You can take your sliding door security to the next level by utilizing a Master Lock No.265 security bar. This slim system easily fits on all sliding doors and provides you extra security even if a burglar defeated your lock.

Your apartment is your sanctuary, and there is nothing worse than feeling vulnerable in your safe space. If you want help securing your apartment or want to learn more about how you can easily upgrade your property, visit GoKeyless today.