Keyless Locks for Rental & Vacation Homes

So, you manage a rental property or vacation home, but how do your guests obtain keys when the property is miles away from where you live? Surely you don’t deliver them or send a package via mail. Perhaps you have a combination lock box that holds a key or maybe you have a hide-a-key rock stuffed away in the brush. The truth is none of these options are a safe solution, especially for long-term use. Keys can get lost, copied, or stolen—and who knows if your guests still have the combination to your lock box or if they gave it to someone else. And do you really want your guests to know the location of your hide-a-key when they could easily return at a later time without your permission? With all of the guests who enter your vacation home, it can be a hassle to manage keys. Thankfully you can purchase a keyless lock that will allow you to program temporary passcodes to your rental home that expire after a set date, and with most models you can control these codes no matter how far away you may live from your property—you don’t even have to leave your house. Simply program the code online and then email, fax, or phone it to your guests. That’s it! Let’s take a closer look at what keyless locks can really do.

Benefits of Keyless Entry

Keyless locks provide a wealth of advantages that can make managing access to your rental property more convenient than ever. In addition to a master code, some keyless locks allow you to program up to a hundred or more passcodes, so you can designate specific entries for anybody who enters your vacation home—guests, property managers, maintenance crews, house keeping, etc. High-end keyless lock models allow you to login to an online dashboard so you can view the times and dates of previous entries in a detailed log. Some keyless locks even allow you to activate a code with just an internet connection. You can set specific times for a passcode to work (say Monday through Friday from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm) or you can program a code for only 24 hours. Most keyless locks install like traditional door locks without exposed wiring and some contain a “mushroom key way” to prevent lock picking, specifically, “lock bumping.”

Keyless Lock Products

At GoKeyless, we have a wide variety of keyless products ranging from remote-controlled (fob) deadbolts to simple keypad entry. If you manage a rental or vacation home, here are a few locks that can turn your property into a high-security fortress:

    1. Oracode 660K – Time sensitive codes

      The Oracode 660K Keyless Lock is the mother of all electronic locks! Featuring 127 internet controlled passcodes and a sturdy quarter inch plunger bolt to prevent “jimmying,” this keyless lock provides state-of-the-art protection with internet stored records of up to 2,000 entries.

    2. Schlage FE575 – Auto Locking

      This tried and true lock can withstand conditions from all over the world. In Florida with high humidity? Not a problem! The Schlage FE575 is the perfect solution for keeping your door locked at all times. The auto-locking feature will assure that your vacation home is always secure.

    3. Nexia Kit – Internet controlled devices

      Unlock the front door from anywhere in the world. Check on the status of the thermostat and even adjust the temperature. The power of Nexia is life changing. The kit comes with the small gateway that bridges the the communication between the lock and the internet. The kit also includes a keyless lock and a light module. You add additional devices to give you even more access to your home.

Oracode 660K Vacation Rental Lock, Time-sensitive Codes

SCHLAGE FE575 Plymouth Keypad Lock, Elan Lever

Nexia BE369GRNX Home Security Kit

Nexia RP200RNX Z-Wave Home Dimmer Module