Locks in the News: College Quarterback Gets Locked Out of Apartment, Tweets His Struggle

Cardale Jones, the charismatic and sometimes controversial breakout star quarterback for Ohio State University, recently turned to Twitter to chronicle his experience of being locked out of his apartment on Saturday, August 8th.

Fellow Ohio State quarterback J.T. Barrett evidently had possession of Jones’s house keys, but unfortunately Jones was not aware of this until he arrived home at his apartment in Columbus. Everything seemed fine at 11:13 a.m. when an apparently tired Jones tweeted “So ready to get in my bed.” Jones evidently came to the unpleasant realization that he did not have the key to his apartment sometime around noon, to which he tweeted this crestfallen status at 1:21 p.m.: “Get all the way home and realize you locked out.”

Jones’s disappointment soon turned to aggravation as the hours dragged on, as evidenced by his tweet published at 4:07 p.m.: “Been locked out the house for 4 hours and careless, I don’t wanna be bothered by no one.” The Buckeye then experienced a somewhat swift change of mood only 4 minutes later, when he tweeted this update at 4:11 p.m.: “Who in Columbus trying to be board [sic] with me in front of my apt?” Misery loves company, perhaps?

Only minutes later, Jones revealed that his teammate J.T. Barrett had his apartment keys, sarcastically giving him a mention with this tweet: “S/O to @JT_theQB4th for taking my apartment keys to Texas and not returning until tomorrow & CJ for being two hours away with my car.” Barrett fired back about 13 minutes later, tweeting: “@CJ12_ well I didn’t want anybody to enter the dungeon bum.” Jones later concluded his Twitter rant, expressing his exasperation with this poignant summary of the day’s events: “I’m so sawdy man.”

If you’ve ever been locked out of your home, especially after a long day, we’re sure you can relate to what Mr. Jones was going through. The moment when you realize that you don’t have your keys is the emotional equivalent of how a child probably feels right after they accidentally drop their brand new ice cream cone–you’re disappointed, frustrated, sad and upset all at the same time. So why not avoid this scenario altogether by not relying on traditional keys and locks anymore, and switching to keyless locks instead?

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