Make Your Hospital Safe & Secure With These Locks

Our hospitals have been put under immense stress recently. From an immense influx of patients to new and intensive regulations to follow, healthcare professionals are about as taxed as they have been in modern history. The reality is that even though quarantines around the country are coming to a close and businesses are reopening, things are about to get even busier for health care workers. We don’t know how these loosened restrictions will affect the COVID-19 outbreak, and we could see hospitals even busier than they are now. In order to fully prepare for the continuing COVID-19 outbreak, hospitals need to get ahead of these issues and prevent the unnecessary spread of germs. If you are looking to upgrade your hospital’s entry system and overall security, contact the elite team here at GoKeyless today. Here are three of our favorite locks and entry systems to easily upgrade any hospital.

Touchless Entry Kit by SDC

The first step in making your hospital more secure and germ-free is by installing a touchless entryway. The Touchless Entry Kit by SDC is the perfect system to install on commonly accessed areas like lobbies and waiting rooms. The entire system easily fits in most doorways and requires little more than a screwdriver to install. This entry system relies on two motion detectors to automatically open the door whenever anyone approaches, allowing for people to get in and out of spaces without ever needing to touch a door. This is a huge improvement for hospitals as an immense amount of bacteria and viruses can get trapped on common surfaces like doorknobs and handles. You can easily do your part to minimize contact and reduce the spread of COVID-19 by installing a touchless entryway system in your hospital.

Strattec Advanced Logic RTS

For more secure areas like patient wards, office spaces, and secure locations for data storage, you need a more robust system to protect your information. The Strattec Advanced Logic RTS is the perfect lock system to easily upgrade your security in sensitive areas. This lock comes fully equipped with both keypad entry and a full biometric fingerprint reader for extra security. You will also receive a copy of Strattec’s MS1 software for free. This software can be programmed to monitor entry, check who has accessed a room on any given day, or remotely grant or remove access to certain areas. Rekeying locks and worrying about your security is a thing of the past with this all in one locking system.

Trilogy PDL3000

If you want all the security of advanced locks with a more hands-free design, the Trilogy PDL3000 is a great solution. This lock can easily be accessed via keycards, key codes, or a manual key override. For nurses and doctors on the go, this lock offers easy access via key cards and fobs, letting medical personal access sensitive areas without the risk of infection.

No matter what your security and infection concerns are at your hospital, the best way to beat them is by staying one step ahead. If you would like to learn more about how you can easily upgrade your hospital for dealing with COVID-19 and other security risks, contact the security experts here at GoKeyless today. Stay safe and thank you for all of the great work that you do.