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Fingerprint Door Locks

In addition to our lines of mechanical and electronic keyless door locks, GoKeyless™ offers a growing selection of fingerprint locks. As an emerging technology, biometrics can provide advanced security and convenience, especially in a door lock. Just think, not only do you have no keys to carry or lose, but you don’t even need to remember a code.  There is…

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Electronic Keypad Entry Locks

Conventional door locks are quickly being replaced by cutting-edge electronic locks like the new Schlage keypad entry locks, so that homeowners, businesses, and individuals can stop worrying about carrying their keys with them everywhere they go. Electronic locks allow you to simply enter a code to enter your home or office door. Just imagine, your doors are always locked, you are…

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Computer Managed Keyless Locks

Today we use computers for virtually everything. Banking, staying in touch with people, paying bills, gaming, education, and work. Did you know your computer can also control your door locks? Most of us have probably experienced network security before. This is when you login to your home or workplace PC with a token, or PIN. What we are referring to…

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Buzz In Locks, Buzzer Locks

You're here because everytime you have to go to the door to turn the key, or let someone in, it costs you valuable time, time you could spend running your business. Whether you're a medical facility, retail shop, warehouse, or other concern, a buzz in system is a popular and effective approach to take to avoid the repetitive action of…

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Buy Bump Proof Locks

Do-It-Yourself, easy installation in minutes! High end, weatherproof designs As recently reported by The Today Show, the cold hard truth is key bumping is a REAL CONCERN, and it should have you frightened. Like the thousands who visit us each week and are resolved to beat key bumping, you probably have seen a video or newscast recently on how the…

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The Benefits of Commercial Biometric Locks

“Always locked, never locked out. Keyless security: on the door at a fraction of the price.” Want to eliminate the pain of collecting, issuing, and tracking your keys? Are you concerned about your security being compromised due to lost keys? Need a more effective approach to locking down secure areas? Is your perception that an advanced access control system is…

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