Prevent Porch Package Pillaging

The holiday season can be a stressful time of year when you’re buying Christmas presents. Frantic shoppers race from store to store, pushing and shoving their way to the checkout counter—all for a half-priced, touch-screen tablet.

It’s no wonder people go online for their holiday shopping, especially now as they practice social distancing. And since most Americans will be shopping online this year, thieves are just waiting to snatch your order once it arrives at your doorstep.

According to CNBC, it’s estimated that, on average, 36% Americans have had at least one package stolen outside their home. They refer to these individuals as porch pirate victims. In fact, in January 2020, it was reported by the same news source that around $25 million of goods are “lost” each year, resulting in eCommerce brands like Amazon to implement new security measures for Prime members.

If we can expect an increase in online shopping this year, it’s a no brainer that this number will increase, and more online shoppers can expect thievery right on their front doorstep.

“I was so excited about the great deal,” says Jessica Estermann, a Visalia mother who says she became a victim of “porch theft” after purchasing laptops from Wal-Mart during an online Black Friday sale. “When I got home I had no idea [the computers were stolen] until the next day when I got a notification saying that they were delivered yesterday.”

Preventing PackageTheft

A common tactic among thieves is to follow parcel trucks until the driver leaves an undeliverable package on a person’s doorstep. Once the driver is out of sight, the bad guys simply walk up to the front door and take the package before the owner has a chance to claim it.

To help you prevent porch package theft and give you peace on Earth this holiday season, here is a top-rated security system you may want to install in your home or office.

Video Monitoring Systems

Cameras don’t just provide homeowners with tangible evidence of a crime. They draw a line that most burglars don’t want to cross. In fact, just the very sight of them can pose a threat of being caught.

One of the best video monitoring systems you can use to prevent porch pirates is the VistaCam security systems. Using real-time video streaming and playback functionality, these VistaCam WiFi-enabled cameras record in smooth, high-definition quality and allow you to control the cameras directly from your smartphone.

Here are two of our favorite VistaCam options; both of which work in tandem with VeraEdge and VeraPlus home automation systems.

  • VISTACAM 1101: This outdoor camera is weather resistant with a built-in backup memory (8-GB) that records video, even when your internet service goes out. It starts recording when it detects motion outside the home and offers a wide 140-degree high-definition view to monitor a large area at once.
  • VistaCam 1200: Though small in size, this security camera features motion activated recording with alerts that get sent directly to your smartphone. Weather resistant with a 180-degree field view, this camera includes a 6GB microSD card that stores footage for up to two weeks.

Looking for a Stand-Alone Option?

  • GoControl GC-DBC: Working from home? This stand-alone security camera system allows you to keep track of who rings your doorbell and who walks by your front porch. Like the other two options above, the GoControl features motion detection and allows you to monitor the front of your home using your smart device.
    • This camera also includes a built-in speaker and microphone, so you can talk to your delivery person or let potential thieves know you are home and can see them on camera.

Important Home Burglary Prevention Tip

When it comes to preventing porch package theft, keeping your distance is key.  A home video monitoring system, such as VistaCam, helps you to do just that. It allows you to get out, record the crime in action, and never have to put yourself in danger.

Professor Peterson-Sparks states, “It’s quite common for injuries to occur because homeowners assume the burglary is over, and walk in to assess the situation, unwittingly trapping the thief. She confirms, “The moment you figure out something is amiss, leave. Get to a safe place and call the cops.”

Peterson Sparks further states that if you’ve been targeted by burglars in the past, you’re six times more likely to be targeted again. Therefore, it’s a good idea to take extra security measures to stay safe, especially during the holiday season when you may have packages delivered to your door.

Worried about burglaries this holiday season? Consider pairing your home surveillance camera with Kwikset Halo Touch or keypad door lock systems. Halo provides secure access to your entry doors using only a fingerprint or pin. You can also customize users and view lock activity history, all from your smartphone and Kwikset mobile app. Browse our Halo door locks to find the right fit your home this holiday season!

Prevent Porch Pirates and Protect Your Belongings

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