Push Button Mechanical Keyless Locks

When you are ready to upgrade to keyless locks on your home or at your business, and you don’t want to hassle with batteries or wires, GoKeyless™ recommends choosing one of our push button mechanical locks. Mechanical combination locks make sense for residential properties and other doors with low traffic, or where its okay for all users to have a common code.

Representing top brands of push button locks and cipher locks, such as Lockey and Simplex, we are your source for finding a new keyless door lock. We have combination locks for front entry doors, doors to the garage, gate doors, pocket doors, wine cellar doors, and more. Whether you need a keyless deadbolt lock, or keyless door knob or lever handle lock, we’ve got you covered.

The benefit of outfitting your door with a mechanical push button lock, such as our digital door lock by Lockey, is that you never have to worry about replacing the batteries. Best, all of our mechanical door hardware is 100% weatherproof keyless entry.

Shop our mechanical locks section and you’ll find a range of push button locks. We carry medium duty keyless locks such as our Lockey 2835 up to our industrial strength keyless locks like our Lockey 1150 and Simplex 5000. These cipher locks come in various decorative styles and finishes, so you are certain to find exactly the look you are searching for.

So whether you need a keyless sliding door lock for your Anderson or Marvin door to your patio, or you are ready to upgrade your warehouse locks to improve operations and make life easier for your employees, you will find the best push button door locks here at the best prices, and backed by the best service in the industry.

Buy Push Button Keyless Locks

Lockey 2835 Mechanical Push Button Lock – Satin Chrome

Lockey 1150

Simplex 5021

Lockey 2500