Secure The Interior Of Your Home Or Business

Making sure that your home or business is completely secure can be extremely taxing. Securing your entryways and windows is one thing, but if you are like most homes and businesses, it is only a matter of time before a guest in your space is left alone with potentially valuable material. From potentially sensitive documents to valuable jewelry and technology, you want to keep the interior of your home or business safe and secure from prying eyes. You can easily secure your documents, valuables, and other sensitive material in your home or business with great interior cabinet locks, lockers, and other interior locks. If you want to learn more about how you can easily secure your home or business well within your budget, contact the security experts here at GoKeyless today. Here are three locks to help you secure the interior of your home or business.


One of the most common places people use to store and secure their sensitive documents is in desk drawers. Drawers and cabinets have traditionally been difficult to secure due to the small surface area for locks to fit to.  Many companies have worked tirelessly to create a durable and reliable lock to fit in these narrow gaps without sacrificing security, but few have succeeded. The CompX ECO-S-U solves this problem seamlessly with a beautiful five-digit horizontal keypad auto-locks on closing, ensuring that your space is constantly secure regardless of whether you remember to lock it or not. You can choose between recessed and surface mounts to ensure that this lock will easily fit on even the narrowest of spaces. You can choose between a 5-digit code or a unique x-shaped key that makes this lock especially secure.


If you have a cabinet that you want to secure that has a vertical space for a lock, the HES KP20 is the perfect fusion of sleek style and extreme security. This lock can easily fit on everything from lockers to drawers and cabinets, making it extremely versatile for both homes and businesses. This lock is a favorite for businesses that have front desks and recreation centers as these locks can be easily used for everything from document security to securing your clients’ belongings. You can easily program these locks for both one-time access or continuous use, making them perfect for both personal and client usage.

Digilock DAK1-ATS

If you manage an amusement park, a ski lodge, or any other recreation area that utilizes lockers, the Digilock DAK1-ATS is one of the most durable, secure, and budget-friendly locks on the market. This lock comes in a wide variety of colors and finishes, allowing you to easily match the aesthetic of your space while adding security that your guests can rely on. This easily programmed electronic lock makes it easier than ever for your guests to secure their belongings in one of your lockers and even comes equipped with a beautiful pull handle to help you cut back on unnecessary hardware.

If you have more questions or want to learn more about how you can easily upgrade the interior of your home or business contact the team here at GoKeyless today. We will help you ensure that your space is safe and secure for you and your guests all while staying well within your budget.