Secure Your Space with Gate Locks

Regardless of whether you are a business owner, an apartment manager, or a homeowner, there are few things as important as securing your indoor and outdoor spaces. Open spaces at apartment complexes can become welcome invitations for squatters and unwelcome visitors, and outdoor business spaces can become easy access points for burglars and unwelcome visitors. If you want to make sure that your outdoor space stays secure, there is no better security solution than a great locking system. Here at GoKeyless, we have a wide variety of the best locks on the markets for both indoor and outdoor usage. Here are three of our favorite outdoor locks for gates and more.

Simplex 1011

The Simplex 1011 is a simple five button locking system that can easily be attached to any metal outdoor gate. This lock can also be utilized for traditional wooden doors and can be customized for any code without using any batteries or wires. The Simplex 1011 is easily installed on both left and right opening doors and comes with a three-year manufacturer warranty, meaning that you will have years of great, worry-free use out of this beautiful lock. If you are looking for a lock that is as easy to install as it is to maintain, look no further than the Simplex 1011, or for two-sided locking to prevent reaching over or through a gate, the Simplex double sided EE1011.

Lockey 1150DC

The Lockey 1150DC is a sleek, 10-button lock that fits easily on slim gates and doors alike. With no wires or batteries necessary, this lock is a breeze to install and maintain and can easily thrive in any weather. This lock is built from high-quality parts made of brass, stainless steel, and diecast zinc that will keep this lock functioning beautifully for years without worry. These high-quality parts make this lock a perfect solution for normally corrosive areas like docks and seaside areas where salty air can rip through electronics. One of the best features of this lock is the lifetime warranty that comes with Lockey systems. If any piece of this lock fails, Lockey will replace and repair your lock as long as you send it into Lockey Digital Systems, Inc. This lock is the perfect combination of function and form.

MagnaLatch Series 3 Vertical Pull Safety Gate Latch

One of the biggest safety threats for your children and pets is your pool. According to Marie Buerkle, the Chairman of the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission, families with pools need to follow the six steps of pool safety outlined by the commission. The first of those six steps is to install a fully enclosed and secure pool fence to surround your pool. The MagnaLatch Series 3 Vertical Pull Safety Gate Latch is the perfect lock to secure your pool gate to keep your children and pets safe around your pool even when you aren’t around. This lock features an easy open system for adults that can be secured by a lock and key to keep your pool locked whenever you aren’t using it.

No matter what outdoor space you are looking to secure, the expert staff here at GoKeyless can help you find the perfect lock for your space. From apartments to backyard pools, we can help you find exactly what you need at a price that fits your budget. Secure your space in a breeze with GoKeyless.