Shop For The Perfect Keyless Deadbolt Lock For Your Home

If you own a house, rent an apartment, or live in a condo, you know how important it is to keep your home secure and safe for both your family and your possessions. Depending on where your home is located and how much foot traffic your home gets, criminals and thieves posing as pedestrians could be scouting your home and possessions every day. If you aren’t sure about your home’s security, it might be time to upgrade your entryway security with a new deadbolt lock. If you have any questions or want to learn more about how you can easily upgrade your home security, contact one of our smart lock and security experts here at GoKeyless today.

Schlage Touch BE375

Over the past 10 years, Schlage has become synonymous with home security. The Schlage Touch BE375 offers you all of the security of a traditional lock and key deadbolt system with all of the convenience of an electronic lock. This lock can easily be customized, with seven different finishes and memory for 19 different access codes that you can easily control and manage. Installation is a breeze and the internal 9V battery has a 2-year lifespan, keeping your maintenance down to a minimum. With an included lifetime mechanical and finish warranty, as well as a 3-year electronics warranty, this lock is the perfect option for any house or apartment.

Schlage Connect FE469

If you want to improve your security while making a beautiful statement with your entryway, the Schlage Connect FE469 can do all that and more. This beautiful two-part locking system is the ultimate in customization. You can choose between three finishes: satin nickel, bright brass, and aged bronze, to fully complement the aesthetic design of your facade. Not only is this lock aesthetically beautiful, it is extremely smart and functional. You can easily install this lock and pair it with your existing home automation or security systems to allow remote management, access, and control of your entryway. Installation only takes a few minutes and requires no wiring at all to get up and running. You can even pair this lock with your Alexa to allow you to easily lock and unlock your door from any room in the house. If you are looking for a lock that offers convenience, control, and custom styles, look no further than the Schlage Connect FE 469.

KEVO Bluetooth Smart Lock

Securing your home does not mean that you need to completely change the aesthetic look of your front door. You can easily upgrade your security while retaining that traditional lock and key lock with the Kevo Bluetooth Smart Lock. If you have ever fumbled with your keys or have had your hands full of groceries, this lock has the answer to your problems. This lock utilizes Bluetooth technology to allow for quick and easy access using either a traditional key or a Bluetooth key fab to allow keyless access. This classic design gives you all the functionality of a great smart lock with the traditional aesthetic of a standard lock and key system.

No matter what your security concerns might be, you can find the perfect lock or security system right here at GoKeyless. Our expert staff will help you find the right lock for you at a price that you will love.