Slow the Spread of COVID-19 with Restroom Privacy Locks by Trilogy

Privacy and personal space: two things that can be difficult to maintain even during the best of times. Unfortunately, with the current pandemic it’s become more important than ever to provide privacy and space to help reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Restrooms are a difficult case when it comes these issues. Not only are restrooms one of the most public and commonly used areas on a property, they often do a poor job providing occupants privacy and adhering to social distancing requirements due to their small size. One solution is to convert open restrooms to single occupancy. By reducing the amount of people who can enter the restroom to one, social distancing in this area is no longer a problem.

Thankfully this can be easily achieved with a privacy enabled lock. Two of our favorite options with this feature are the Trilogy DL4100 and PDL4100 privacy pushbutton locks by Alarm Lock. These locks give occupants the ability to enable a Privacy mode with the push of a button on the interior side. With Privacy mode enabled, a LED light will indicate occupancy on the exterior side and other users will not be able to access the lock until the mode is disabled from the interior by the occupant. Privacy mode can also be customized to automatically disable once a preset time limit has been reached. In the case of a lock in or emergency, an administrator can override Privacy mode with a master code or key. Cleanliness is always a concern when it comes to restrooms, so both of these models can be ordered with an anti-microbial finish to inhibit germ growth and maintain a healthier and safer access point.

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Trilogy DL4100

Trilogy PDL4100