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Choosing a Keyless Lock

FACT: Keyless door locks are far superior to conventional locks in every way. You may be thinking, “Well, of course they’d say that. The name of their business is “GoKeyless.” You’re right, we sound a little biased—so let us prove why you really should go keyless and after you’re convinced we’ll outline how to select the right keyless lock for…

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Common Types of Door Locking Mechanisms

Are you looking to replace your old door knobs with new keyless locks?  Maybe you are looking to get into the latest technology boom for your home or business? Are you researching door locks and are confused as to where to start?  Let us help you. When you're unsure as to where to begin looking for your new replacement lock, the…

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RV Parks Benefit from Keyless Locks

Do you own or manage an RV Park?  Want to obtain a higher rating on the books?  Then don't let another minute go by before updating the locks on your park's restroom doors.  Retrofitting your RV Park's restroom doors with pushbutton keyless door locks, is a proven strategy to increase your park's ratings and attract more RV customers.  This will increase your revenue…

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Keyless Locks Protect Company Assets & Personnel

More and more businesses are placing a premium on minimizing keys and managing access. You don't want a huge failure to occur before your company gets going on improving your security. It is practically common knowledge these days, that doors using a traditional keyed-in-lock, just do not get locked. Employees (management too!) leave these doors propped open during the day because…

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