Take Advantage Of Closures To Upgrade Your Business’s Security

COVID-19 has caused serious economic, social, and financial issues all across the country. For many businesses, the ever-changing rules and regulations caused by COVID-19 have caused them to close their doors and try to wait out the storm until customers feel comfortable enough to start shopping, traveling, and eating out again. If your business has been forced to temporarily close its doors to customers or have noticed a decrease in foot traffic, now is the perfect time to upgrade your business’s security and get ready for the end of quarantine rush. If you would like to learn more about how you can boost your security or want to find the security solutions that work for you and your business, contact the expert team here at GoKeyless today. Our elite team of security experts will help you quickly and easily upgrade your security comfortably within your budget.

Schlage NDE

The Schlage NDE is one of the newest, sleekest, and most versatile locks on the market. This beautifully low profile lock fits in perfectly with any design aesthetic and can easily handle up to 5,000 individual key fob users. You can easily manage and control user access via the ENGAGE website or the free ENGAGE app. Through these services, you can add and delete users and credentials, add up to 100 additional locks, manage and audit up to 2,000 recent entrances, schedule up to 16 daily events, and create up to 16 user schedules. This lock will easily last 2 years on a single battery and comes in three different handle styles to easily fit into any design scheme.

Yale NEXTOUCH NTB620-ZW2-626

If you are looking for a durable lock that uses key codes to allow access to both employees and individuals with temporary credentials, the Yale NEXTOUCH NTB620-ZW2-626 is a great option. This touch screen lock is as durable as it is versatile, with the ability to hold up to 500 individual users and easily be fit on almost any door. You can even seamlessly integrate this system with any z-wave alarm system or automation system to fully integrate your entire system.

STRATTEC Advanced Logic RTS-Z

If you are looking for the ultimate in accessibility options, the STRATTEC Advanced Logic RTS-Z is perfect for your building. This versatile lock offers you three different accessibility options including a biometric thumbprint scanner, a 10-digit keypad, and a manual traditional lock and key backup system. You will even get $400 worth of free automation, management, and control software with your purchase of just one of these locks. The included MS1 software lets you manage access, create daily schedules, and control all STRATTEC locks at your business with just the touch of a button. This lock offers a high level of additional security for your most secure areas.

Now is the perfect time to upgrade your business’s security and get ready for the post-quarantine rush. If you want to learn more about what security solutions are right for you and your business, contact the security experts here at GoKeyless today. Our elite team will help you find the perfect security solutions to keep you and your business safe.