Top 3 Security Threats For Businesses

If you own your own business, you know that every day that your doors are open, there are both opportunities and threats walking through your doors. Regardless of whether your business has hundreds of storefronts, is just a single location, or is only a small warehouse with most of your business being done online, all businesses face an array of security threats. There is no way to keep your business fully secure from every threat out there, but the important thing is to be proactive instead of reactive. By getting ahead of security threats before you are affected by one, you can easily save your company millions of dollars and valuable information. If you want to learn more about how you can secure your business, contact the security experts here at GoKeyless today. Our staff will happily help you find the perfect security solutions for your business to keep you safe, secure, and profitable. Here are three of the most common security threats that businesses face.

Insider Threats

The most common threat to most businesses is its current employees. Your employees can put your business at risk in a number of different ways. Many employees unknowingly put the company at risk by either sharing access to the building or files with unsecure individuals, by using unsecure passwords, or simply making mistakes like not locking up the doors at the end of the day. The best way to minimize these common threats is by making sure that your employees are well trained and by installing smart security systems with scheduling features to ensure that your physical space is secure. Of course, if your employees are actively sabotaging the company or stealing from you, you need to have the cybersecurity measures in place to track, monitor, and investigate these issues before they become a serious problem.

Malware & Cyber Threats

Chances are that every single one of your employees is being targeted by malware and fishing campaigns every day. If you don’t have a good email security service, your employees could be introducing malware into your system every day. As we stated before, make sure that your employees are well trained and understand how to spot these cyber threats before they infect your system.

Ex-Employees & Criminals

If you have ever had to fire someone, you know that the process can be messy, to say the least. If you have had to let any employees go in the past, make sure that you take away their access to the building as soon as you possibly can. You can simplify this process by using one of our commercial electronic locks to remove their access immediately, stopping them from entering the building the moment you want to revoke their access.

Besides ex-employees, many businesses are also regularly scoped out by criminals. These criminals could be after anything from your products to your cash or even the data housed on your computers. Makes sure that you have all front and rear entrances of your building secured, and if you notice any suspicious activity, have a surveillance system installed.

You can easily protect your business and keep your employees safe with one of our industry-leading security systems. Contact our team of security experts today to find the perfect security products for your business.