Track & Control Employee Access With These Audit Trail Locks

Let’s be honest, no one likes the idea of having to micromanage their employees. Worse yet, no one wants to worry about their employees stealing from their company or stealing valuable company data. The best way to manage your employee’s access to certain areas without having to post a security guard at every entrance and exit is by equipping your facility with a system of smart locks. Here at GoKeyless, we offer a wide array of smart locks perfect for any business, but if you want to manage and track accessibility in your business, nothing works better than locks with audit trail features. Here are three of our favorite locks with audit trail features.

Trilogy Networx DL1300NW

The Trilogy Networx DL1300NW is one of the most versatile locks that we offer. This lock’s slim design gives it the versatility to be installed on almost any door from glass to traditional wooden frames. Not only is this lock extremely versatile in its installation abilities, but you can choose between key codes, traditional lock and key, or remote access. You can also easily manage an entire system of these locks with just a touch of a button with the Networx system additional software. This lock also comes with a built-in audit trail features, allowing you to easily manage access to specific areas of your business and limit access to sensitive areas. This audit trail feature also allows you to review exactly who had access to specific areas and who used their codes on individual locks at any given time.

Strattec Advanced Logic RTS

The Strattec Advanced Logic RTS lock offers a wide variety of security solutions perfect for even the most sensitive of areas in your business. This lock offers the ultimate in flexible access, ranging from biometric scanning (thumbprints) to key code, traditional lock and key, and fully automated scheduling. If you have a midsized to large business, this lock can easily scale with your company, allowing up to 1000 individual users per lock. This lock also features an industry-leading 5+ year battery life, ensuring that you will have to do little to no maintenance over this lock’s lifespan. For a limited time, this lock comes fully equipped with MS1 software, a $400 value. Schedule access, monitor your audit trail history, and much more with this versatile lock.

Trilogy Networx Wireless Access System-In-A-Box

The Trilogy Networx Wireless Access System-In-A-Box is one of the most complete business security solutions that we offer. This system comes equipped with one lock, a set of 30 keycards, a Networx wireless hub, a DL-Windows software CD, and a free online training webinar. If you are looking for an elite-level security system that you can easily monitor with little to no maintenance, this system is perfect for you.

If you want to keep your business secure and monitor access to specific areas, these audit trail compatible locks are exactly what you are looking for. No matter how much security you want to add, we have the perfect locks for you right here at GoKeyless. Contact us today to find your next lock system for your business.