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    Testing Building Security

    Keeping your office, retail store, or commercial property protected is at the top of everyone’s minds these days. With most employees working from home and summer vacation just ahead, it’s hard to know whether or not your building is safe when you’re away.

    A smart strategy to improve your business’s safety is to perform regular tests on your commercial security door lock systems. Whether you operate with mechanical door locks or rely on commercial key fob door locks, experts recommend testing your system at least once a month to ensure your building is secure and can withstand potential threats from break ins or extreme weather conditions.

    Here are a few helpful tips to help you perform regular checks on your building’s security.

    How to Test Your Commercial Security Door Lock System

    • Schedule Tests on the Same Day:An effective strategy to ensure you’re regularly testing the durability and functionality of your mechanical or automatic door lock system is to plan to test each lock on the same day, at the same time, each month. The benefits of this tip are two-fold:
      • Checking your locks on the same day each month ensures you never forget or delay this essential safety practice. It will eventually become a part of your routine and feel second nature.
      • Having a time scheduled to perform tests will also ensure your employees are aware and won’t interfere with your inspection.
    • Create a Checklist of Your Entire Security System:Most businesses utilize more than door locks for their building’s security. If you maintain security cameras, alarms, outdoor motion detector lights, smoke detectors, or other essential safety features to keep strangers out and your team safe within, make sure you add these items to a monthly security checklist. This will ensure every piece of security equipment is checked at the same time each month.
      • An additional benefit: The more people who know you check your security systems regularly, the safer they’ll feel inside your building and the less likely they’ll try to destroy property or steal from your company.
    • Perform Additional Security Tests When Needed:Although testing your security equipment once a month will benefit your business’s safety, if you have maintenance repairs or construction performed on your office building (either exterior or interior), ensure you test your commercial security door lock system once they leave. Sometimes, technicians may interfere with equipment accidentally (e.g. move cameras to different angles, damage a mechanical lock with heavy equipment, etc.). Ensure you check your security system regularly during repairs and renovations to your building or interior office space!

    Top Rated Commercial Door Lock Systems

    At GoKeyless, our mission is to keep you, your employees, and your commercial property protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with easy-to-install, durable, and time-tested commercial door locks. In a previous blog post, we shared the leading commercial key fob door lock systems to help ensure the safety of your building. In addition to those smart lock options, here are a few other commercial door locks to consider:

    • The Touchless Entry Kit by SDC: This lock is easy to install, quiet, and keeps the door open for approximately 5 seconds before safely closing and locking. It activities instantly with a card reader/keypad or REX Switch. This lock option is also an ADA compliant handicap and automatic door opener.
    • Trilogy Networx PDL1300NW: Ideal for aluminum-framed glass doors, this electric door lock features two ways of access: (1) push-button keypad for three-to-six-digit pin codes and (2) a proximity reader for HID Prox ID cards or fobs. It’s also incredibly weather resistant and uses a real-time clock for accuracy for lock scheduling and auditing.
    • SDC UniFLEX 45-A: This advanced entry strike door lock system is ideal for high-traffic buildings and works with any door material. This is perfect for doors facing outdoor elements, as well, as its stainless steel parts include durable die cast for corrosion resistance.

    Keep Your Business Safe with GoKeyless

    At GoKeyless, we offer a variety of security solutions for businesses of every size and industry, including commercial keyless door locks and keypads. Browse our commercial security products, or contact us today to discuss your business’s security needs with one of our security experts!