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    Refers to a figure 8 shaped key core. These cores come in what they call small-format, and large-format. The small-format name brand cores include Falcon, Best, KSP, and Arrow for example, and are all inter-changeable. In other words, you can put an Arrow brand small-format IC core into a lock that has been prepped (drilled out) for a Best IC core. Large-format name brands you typically see are Schlage, Medeco, Corbin-Russwin, Yale, and Sargent. When ordering a lock that is prepped for a large-format IC core, such as Schlage, you must use a Schlage IC core in that prep.

    You will find that many of our keyless locks come with the IC core included. These types of locks are popular in commercial settings because you can remove the IC core (and re-key it) from the lock without disassembling the lock and taking it off of the door. A special key called a control key (One key included with order) is used to remove and replace the IC core.

    GoKeyless also sells locks “less- IC core.” You can choose your IC lock prep, including small-format Best, and large-format Schlage, Medeco, ASSA, Yale, Sargent, and Corbin Russwin. This enables you to use your own IC cores. We can also supply you just the IC cores themselves.

    Need us to key up your new IC cores to match your existing master key system? We have you covered – simply call us at (877) 439-5377 Monday – Friday from 8:30am to 7pm Eastern time.