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  • How To Prepare Your Airbnb Summer Home

    Preparing your Airbnb

    As businesses continue to reopen post COVID-19 shutdown, people are getting the itch to venture outdoors and travel outside of their homes and communities. And though many will be practicing “staycations” this summer, there are plenty of nearby destinations to spend a few days in or to plan a weekend getaway.

    If you operate an Airbnb summer home or cabin up north, it’s likely you’re already getting reservations from guests looking to stretch their legs and enjoy some fresh air in the coming months ahead! Now more than ever, it’s important to check the security and safety of your vacation rental home to help streamline the check in/check out process and ensure guests stay safe while in town.

    To help you prepare for the busy season ahead, here is GoKeyless Airbnb security checklist:

    How to Prepare Your Home for Airbnb Summer Rentals

    Check Your Door Lock System:First and foremost, you’ll want to check the durability and functionality of your door and window locks to give guests peace of mind while they’re staying at your place.

    • Test each door and window, one at a time. If you use mechanical door locks, try each key individually to ensure it opens easily and securely locks your entryways. If you notice one or more locks has seized—meaning you tried to insert the key, but the lock doesn’t budge or won’t permit you access—you may need to clean and lubricate both the key and its keyhole. If you haven’t used your Airbnb rental in a few months, your locking mechanism may have collected dirt and debris, so it’s not uncommon to do a little “late” spring cleaning on all your mechanical door locks.
    • Weather stripping can also affect your locking mechanism, so if you live in an area that experiences extreme climate changes, you’ll want to check for any damage that can affect the integrity of your locking system.

    Replace All Broken or Damaged Locks:While performing a thorough lock check, you may stumble across one or two door locks or windows that need repair or replacing. Be sure to update these areas accordingly. The worst thing that can happen is delaying this task and having guests arrive only to discover that their safety is compromised and that your locks don’t work properly.

    Account for All Keys, Access Cards, Fobs, Etc.If you need to replace any mechanical locks, be sure to account for any new keys and to discard the old ones that no longer work. You may have an electric door lock system that requires pins, access cards, or fobs for entry. Be sure you can account for every key, card, and fog and that you reset your guests pin promptly after they leave.

    • Also, be sure to provide guests with the correct pin, card, or fob before they arrive. Remember, they are looking forward to a long, carefree vacation, and they’ve selected your Airbnb to do just that. Having them arrive only to discover you provided them with the wrong pin or key could result in an unhappy guest and bad review.

    Inform Neighbors About Guests:Update your neighbors with the details of your Airbnb schedule and include check in/checkout times. Don’t just tell them you’re having guests during the summer months. This leaves too much room for interpretation. If someone is lurking around your property who shouldn’t be, for example, your neighbors may assume it’s just another guest. But if they have a schedule and know that you didn’t expect a guest on that day or time, they will be more alert to the situation and will contact you.

    Keep Your Place Clean & Sanitized:Keeping your Airbnb clean is always an important responsibility, but today, it’s even more essential that you maintain a clean and sanitized home to prevent the spread of germs, bacteria, or illnesses.

    • As your guests will have concerns about your cleaning process, it’s best to provide them with a list of how you’re working to keep the Airbnb rental safe. This might include the products you’re using to sanitize all communal areas, how many times you clean your home between visits, and which practices you use to clean and inspect the home before each guest arrives.
    • Put this information on your Airbnb profile and keep a list of it somewhere inside the home, as well, so guests can refer to it and start relaxing in their rental space with more confidence.

    Keyless Door Locks for Vacation Rentals

    In addition to following these best practices to help prepare your Airbnb summer rental, you may decide it’s time to upgrade your door locks with keyless options!

    • For a simple, safe, and easy-to-use electric door lock, consider the YALEASSURE YRD216.
    • Need remote door lock and unlock capabilities to change access codes on the fly? The Vera Z-Wave Starter Kit offers an innovative keyless entry system that easily integrates with Alexa and also features preprogrammed text alerts.
    • For a heavy-duty commercial grade door lock that connects to all your smart devices, the ORACODE LIVE 660I offers an advanced keyless system that includes 24/7 online access to live chat, text and email notifications, and full integration with BeHome247.

    To help you remove the hassle of swapping out keys or running into mechanical door lock issues, check out our list of other popular electronic door locks for vacation homes! For questions or to consult with our knowledgeable team on which vacation rental door locks are the best fit for you, contact us today at (877) 439-5377!