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  • Why We Love Kaba Simplex Locks

    Kaba Simplex Locks

    Having peace of mind and a sense of security is something that should never be compromised, especially when it comes to the safety of your family and/or business. Security should be a guarantee.

    At GoKeyless, we’d like to introduce you to an incredible all-in-one solution to your security needs, the Kaba Simplex Lock. No keys, no cards, no wiring, and no batteries–just simple, reliable security. Known worldwide for their durable, mechanical push button design, Kaba Simplex Locks are a great, keyless solution for high-traffic commercial use.

    A favorite in security solutions for more than 40 years, the recognizable design can be found in businesses, colleges, health care facilities, hotels, schools, homes, rental properties, and everything in between. We understand the importance of protecting your livelihood and business investments. That’s why at GoKeyless we know you’ll love everything about a Simplex lock, including:

    • Easy installation, easy maintenance (assembled by our experts with precision and control)
    • Durable AND aesthetically pleasing
    • Indoor and outdoor application options (compatible with different types of doors)
    • Removable and interchangeable cores
    • Optional key override gives emergency personnel quick access to your facility
    • Optional lockout prohibits anyone from entering the facility, even with a PIN code
    • Electric release models give access control to a receptionist via switch button
    • Optional passage feature allows entry without using a PIN code

    At GoKeyless, we offer an array of Simplex door locks, including combination and keypad access types for mortise, deadbolt, panic/exit and more locking applications to ensure your system works for you, both in affordability and reliability.3 While products range in price and features, all of our Kaba Simplex Locks use the same basic locking system called a chamber.

    So, How Does Kaba Simplex Work?

    The chamber contains five wheels and each wheel contains a slot. If the correct combination of numbers is pressed, the slots of each wheel are aligned in the same plane. Depending on the design, when a thumbturn, lever or knob is then turned, a secondary lock can enter the aligned slots and be unlocked.1 To put it simply, these cipher locks use a simple numeric push button code to unlock. Should you forget your combination or PIN, you can retrieve info from your smart device with ease.

    Upgrade Your Business Security System

    Gone are the days of replacement keys and the added hassle of calling a locksmith. Gain greater control over your building’s access by installing a Kaba Simplex Lock. With thousands of possible PIN code combinations, you can alleviate the headache of keeping track of magnetic cards and an endless collection of keys.

    Convenient, cost-effective smart technology is what GoKeyless does best. Let us make security simple for you. Partner with GoKeyless and see why our Kaba Simplex commercial door locks are the prominent door control hardware used for protecting spaces, securing rooms, and keeping personnel safe. And enjoy a special savings on your new door lock system until August 31st! Contact us at (877) 439-5377 to learn more.

    Find the lock that will work for you and rest assured that no matter which design you choose, your security is guaranteed.2