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As recently reported by The Today Show, the cold hard truth is key bumping is a REAL CONCERN, and it should have you frightened.

Like the thousands who visit us each week and are resolved to beat key bumping, you probably have seen a video or newscast recently on how the vagrants can easily break into your property.

Interestingly, key bumping has been around for decades, as security professionals, and those in the military have used it under controlled situations for good.

And then along comes the WWW (Wild Wild Web) and low and behold the mind of the criminal says, “wow that looks simple, don’t need to spend a lot of money, and it’ll be days before the property owner even realizes I was in there ransacking the place.”

Yes, unfortunately this is the case. These criminals literally spend a few bucks and can compromise nearly any traditional keyed-in lock, entering your home or office in seconds.

Here’s the GOOD NEWS. For less than you spend monthly on your utility bills, you can stop the opportunistic miscreants who are out to rob you blind.

Which lock should you get?

What you need to consider is if its for a home or business, and what type of lock you have on the door now. This will determine the new lock model that will be compatible, essentially retrofitting your existing lock.

Generally, homeowners can opt for a mechanical bump proof lock, businesses, will go for either a mechanical, or electronic bump proof/bump resistant lock.

The difference is that all mechanical locks have a single access code, which all users share. Electronic locks let you program in multiple codes, and have other programming features.

For example, when you have an existing deadbolt lock on your home, you should consider either the M210 bump proof deadbolt, the AP501 Advanced Protection deadbolt (aged bronze, satin nickel, or bright brass), or the Kwikset SmartCode electronic bump resistant deadbolt.

When you have no deadbolt, and only a door knob or a door lever lock, then take a look at any one of the Lockey 2835 bump proof lever locks.

They come in satin chrome, bright brass, antique brass, satin nickel, oil rubbed bronze,white, and jet black finishes. You might also like the Lockey 1150, or the E-Plex E2031. The E-Plex E2031 comes in both satin brass, and satin chrome.

Other choices for homeowners include the Simplex LD451 and LD471 locks.

Need bump proof or bump resistant for a business? No sweat. Check out the Simplex heavy duty1011, 1031, L1011, L1031, E-Plex E2031LL626, or Simplex 1021M or Simplex L1021M with Medeco High Security bump resistant cylinder, and the Simplex light duty LD452, and LD472 locks.