Codelocks Manufacturer Warranty

Codelocks Inc. warrants all products to be free from manufacturing defects in material and workmanship which carries a ONE Year Limited Warranty on Electronic Series Locks (KL1000, KL1200, KL1500, CL2000, CL4000 and CL5000) and a two year Limited Warranty on Mechanical Series Locks (CL200, CL300, CL400, CL500 and CL600) and its conditions, limits and policies.

Codelocks Inc. warrants its PVD Finish with a ONE Year Limited Warranty against TARNISHING on both the Electronic and Mechanical locks to the original purchaser or premise owner at the location originally installed. This warranty does not cover damages from scratches or abrasions, abuse, or misused products, effect of climate conditions, or damages from chemical or abrasive actions from harsh or caustic cleaning materials, methods or polishing practices. All finishes warranties are limited to Codelocks Inc. locksets and components originally furnished with PVD finish only.

Products sold by Codelocks Inc. but manufactured by other companies carry the warranty of the original manufacturer and not the warranty of Codelocks Inc.

Our warranty does not cover defects or damages arising from improper application or installation, improper maintenance, improper storage, shipping and handling damage, ordinary wear and tear, misuse, abuse, accidental damage, unauthorized service, improper power, voltage or battery use, leaking or defective batteries, unauthorized modifications to any part of the lock or locking mechanism, damage caused by improper disassembly techniques or tools, damage caused by improper code changing techniques, Acts of God or natural causes and disasters, or use with unauthorized non-Codelocks products or parts.

Liability under all warranties expressed or implied is limited to and at the discretion of Codelocks to repair or replacements of the defective product. This warranty does not cover nor provide for reimbursement or payment of incidental or consequential damages, or any installation, removal, repair, replacement or other labor charges or costs or any shipping charges related to exercising this warranty.