Lockey 2835

Mechanical Keyless Combination Lever


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SKU: 2835
  • All mechanical keyless lever handle cylindrical latchbolt lock.  No batteries or wires necessary.  Plunger bolt to prevent jimmying or knifing of the latch
  • Auto-locking with passage feature.  To set passage function, (door latches shut but stays unlocked) simply enter your secret code and then enter the (Y) button.  The lock will remain in the passage mode until you press the (Y) button followed by the (C) button.
  • ADA compliant access
  • Code can be 3-5 characters in length (a code with more or less characters requires a Tumbler Pack – sold separately at checkout)
  • To enter, punch in code, push down on lever handle and open
  • To lock when exiting simply shut the door behind you.  It auto re-locks
  • Weatherproof performance and durability
  • Bump-proof security
  • Door thickness:  Fits doors 1 3/16″ ~ 2 5/32″ thick (extension kits available at checkout for doors up to 5″ thick)
  • Backset:  Adjustable
  • Lifetime Manufacturer Warranty Guarantee

A best-seller since its debut in early 2009, the Lockey 2835 Digital Door Lock is one of only two brands of 100% mechanical door locks we’ve offered.  It comes down to safety and performance.  From the tumbler pins, handing pin, internal plate screws, push buttons, and craftsmanship of the front and back lock housings, you won’t find anything about the Digital Door Lock to call wimpy.  If you’re beginning a new keyless entry system or expanding an existing one, the Digital Door Lock is a phenomenal choice.

When you free yourself from keys you eliminate the hassle of dealing with them.  Everyone knows keys get lost or misplaced — who hasn’t screamed “Where are my keys!”  Imagine never losing your keys again, ever.  Get the 2835 today and you won’t.  It lets you program in a secret pass-code you, your family, or your employees can all use.  Your time (and money!) will never again go to waste looking for your keys, or waiting for someone to let you back in.  How secure is it?  Put it this way, your existing locks that lend themselves to key-bumping, and unlocked or propped open doors, are not keeping you safe.

Standard locks — because of keys — present a risk.  A new lock like the 2835 comes 100% bump-proof.  Security, without the key hole. What if it fails?  It won’t.  This lock culminates from 30+ years of functional testing.  It’s based on the same design as the original Digital Door Lock 2210 series.  They don’t fail.  And no one can ‘knock’ the lock open or determine its cipher by performing secret techniques.

Chronicled in security and law enforcement circles is the fact the majority of crimes — resulting in theft, injury, or even death — get recorded as crimes of opportunity.  A door not always locked, or susceptible to key bumping, invites crime. Customizing your access with innovative door hardware gives you a prescription for security success.

Where can you install this lock?  Numerous places, because it auto-locks.  You can put it on your home & office entry and interior doors, gates, or any vulnerable points throughout your property where you need to restrict access, without disrupting the ease with which you and others come and go.  To meet building codes, the levers on both sides measure full-size and comply with the American’s Disability Act.  You cannot force or kick the levers off.

From the inside, you can exit freely at all times.  A passage feature even comes built-in.  This proves useful for when you want everyone to enter freely without needing to punch-in the code.  On the outside housing you can quickly change the lock’s function from normal, to passage mode.  The door will latch shut, but not lock.  This comes in handy at your next office party when you invite your clients and vendors in.  Also great for your kids’ birthdays so you can avoid giving out the code to the parents and their kids.

The 2835 upgrades any of your key-in knob or key-in lever locks.  For your doors with a deadbolt above your knob, we recommend replacing the deadbolt with our Lockey M210.  For special situations where you need the door to auto-lock each time, you could remove your deadbolt altogether, and then use a cover plate behind the 2835.  The plate covers up the hole left by your deadbolt.

Installation on common doors takes you no longer than vacuuming out your car — and about the same amount of effort.  Requiring only one extra screw hole, you can show off your new keyless entry system the day your lock arrives.  No need to worry about the elements either when you install the Lockey 2835 on an exterior door.  Heavy rain, snow or ice won’t phase it, nor extreme warm or cold.  Even a highly concentrated salt-air ocean environment won’t cause it to lose its form or function.

GoKeyless is a trained and authorized Lockey® dealer. Sales, service, and support. It's why thousands of clients around the world choose GoKeyless™ for their security and access control needs each year.


1 5/8 (W) x 5 1/2 (H) x 2 1/4 (D) in.

Total Coverage with Trim Plates

2 1/2 (W) x 6 1/2 (H) x 2 1/4 (D) in.

ADA Lever Dimensions

4 (W) x 1 (H) in.

Door Thickness Minimum

1 3/16 in.

Door Thickness Maximum

2 5/32 in.

Code Length

3 to 5 Characters

Code Capacity



Zinc-plated Steel



Door Opening


Door Handing


Door Prep

Standard 2 1/8 in. Cross-Bore, Edge Bore: 1 in.

Door Stile Width

Minimum 3 in.



Latch Bolt

1/2 in. throw






White, Satin Chrome, Marine Grade, Satin Nickel, Jet Black, Oil Rubbed Bronze, Bright Brass, Antique Brass, Bright Chrome

Handle Type


Lock Features

Passage Mode

Locking Device

Cylindrical Latch

Access Type

Keypad – Digits




5 lbs


Lifetime Manufacturer

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  1. Scott Werner

    Great product and speedy delivery. Easy to install.

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    Bob Cook (verified owner)

    We have used the 2835 Marine grade lock for several years and have NO call backs about the operation. Any electric strike or keypad battery lock always fail.

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  3. Wonderful Lock

    Ross (verified owner)

    No batteries! Just a simple combo lock. We use these in our school everyday and they work great!

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  4. Get it and you will be happy for ever!!!

    scott (verified owner)

    This is the second purchase and install I’ve done. The first one was 5 years ago and is a double pass, meaning buttons on both sides and is going strong, used by my staff for a private parking lot several times a day, out in the rain and elements in Southern California, works great. The second and most recent one installed a month ago at my home. It has buttons on one side. No electronics fo worry about and works great and again in the rain and elements and working great. I highly recommend this very nice product. I recommended it to the contractor who was doing some nice gate work at my home who was using an electronic much more expensive version, he was impressed as well. He said from now on he will recommend this coding marine variety. Get it and you will not be sorry.

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  5. Quality Security

    John Yetter (verified owner)

    I have and use other Go Keyless mechanical combination closures and dead bolts. The ‘electronic’ stuff just doesn’t have the same level of security as simple mechanical devices, which are not susceptible to electronic blasting, and do not depend upon finite life batteries. Go Keyless has a great quality product at a very reasonable price.

    Instructions and the supplied templates make installation very easy.

    I recommend Go Keyless to anyone considering combination closures or dead bolts.

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  6. Exactly what we wanted


    Works exactly as advertised, never a single issue, very well built and feels like a long lasting product. One thing to note is that the keys and especially the handle are on the small side, if that matters to you. If simplicity and reliability are what you need, this is a very solid solution. gokeyless.com was excellent, we will use the site again.

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  7. Did the job


    Without any over thinking I ordered this lockset. No battery? Perfect. The design is flawless and fits easily into my unusual door. Perfect.

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  8. Installed and looking Great!

    Mark Bernardi

    Installed and looking Great!

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Customer Questions & Answers

  1. Answered by the admin

    To change the handle position of this model, you will simply need to use the supplied Allen wrench to remove the retaining screw on the end of the handle. Once removed, the handle should pull away and allow you to change the position of the handle on the door.

  2. Answered by the admin These buttons can be used as part of your access combination. If they are not in use, these have no functionality.
  3. Answered by the admin

    Yes, this lock is weatherproof and rated for outdoor applications. If you are looking for a unit rated for heavy salt environments, I would recommend looking at the Marine Grade version of the 2835.

  4. A

    Yes, you can. The code will stay engaged until you operate the handle and open the door. 

  5. A

    This is a mechanical lock so it only allows a single code at a time. If you need to have multiple codes for various people you would need to go with an electronic lock like the FE595. 

  6. A

    The lock comes with an adjustable backset for 2 3/8 to 2 3/4, however, the thickness only goes to 1 3/16 so you are 1/16th too big to fit in the current setup. You would have to use a shim or manually modify the lock in order to fit the extra 1/16th. We would recommend the shim rather than modifying the lock as that will void the warranty. 

  7. A

    You are able to choose any 3 - 6 digit code and you can have as many numbers or letters in the code as long as it is 3 - 6 digits in total and you only use each number or letter one time. 

  8. A

    Yes, that is correct. With mechanical locks sequence does not matter as you can only press each button one time and once it is pressed it remains used until the code is cleared either by entering or using the clear button. When it comes to choosing codes it is recommended that you use four digits and that you separate them on the keypad so they are not in sequential order. Keep in mind that a person must exactly guess which four digits you are using and they must not press any other numbers as that will cause a code failure. So while you may be able to press in the code in any direction to work there is still guesswork involved for someone attempting to figure it out unless you were to use something as obvious as a house number or birth date. 

  9. A

    Yes, and depending on if you have a metal gate we would recommend that you get the metal gate box K-BXDIG23 as well. Keep in mind the gate box would have to be cut and welded into a metal gate. If you have wood or vinyl a standard install is all you will need to do for it to work. 

  10. Answered by the admin Theoretically yes, but when you enter a code you will have to pull up on the handle instead of down.

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