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  • Centralite 3000-C

    Pearl Thermostat

    SKU: 3000-WC


    Condition your lifestyle. The Centralite Pearl Thermostat combines modern design with easy-to-use controls. Features a capacitive touch display, built-in power amplifier, battery life for up to three years, and compatible with most residential HVAC systems for an unparalleled user experience.


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    • Capacitive touch controls
    • Control up to 2 stage heat / 2 stage cool
    • Built-in temperature sensor
    • Built-in power amplifier for exceptional range
    • Easy compatibility with other manufacturer’s ZigBee HA 1.2 devices
    • Over-the-air firmware updates
    • Tested and works with the following platforms: Vera, SmartThings, Time Warner IntelligentHome, Cox Homelife, Bright House Networks Home Security and Automation, Rogers Home Monitoring, and PEQ

    Supported Heating Systems

    • Single-Stage Electric
    • Two-Stage Electric
    • Single-Stage Heat Pump
    • Two-Stage Heat Pump
    • Single-Stage Gas & Oil
    • Two-Stage Gas & Oil
    • Hot Water System (Boiler)*

    *Some boilers are not compatible with the Pearl Thermostat

    Supported Cooling Systems

    • Single-Stage Conventional
    • Two-Stage Conventional
    • Single-Stage Heat Pump
    • Two-Stage Heat Pump
    • Water Source Heat Pump
    • Single Fan Speed

    Wiring Terminals

    Y1 | First-Stage Compressor
    Y2 | Second-Stage Compressor
    G | Fan (Single-speed only)
    W1 | 1st Stage Heat
    W2 | 2nd Stage Heat / Em. Heat
    O | Reversing Valve (Engaged on Cooling)
    B | Reversing Valve (Engaged on Heat)
    Rc | 24VAC (Cooling)
    Rh | 24VAC (Heating)
    C | 24VAC Common Wire

    Thermostats are an integral part of comfort. The Centralite Pearl Thermostat provides a more stylish, reliable, and convenient way to interact with your thermostat with capacitive touch controls. With just a swipe of your finger, you can set the temperature or lock changes, set up schedules and events, and control the Pearl away from home. Certified for ZigBee Home Automation 1.2, this thermostat works with nearly all residential HVAC systems, including electric, heat pump, gas, and oil systems. It allows two stages of heat and two stages of cooling and reports temperature down to 0.1°C, giving you a more accurate view of HVAC performance. Thermostats are usually placed in hallways, dining rooms, and kitchens, leading to hot and cold spots throughout the house. Offering advanced features such as the use of optional temperature and humidity sensors (sold separately) enabling the system to respond to your comfort level or alleviate problems like damp basements or mold issues in the summer by running the air conditioner when high humidity is detected. Fix that always warm or cold room by adding the 3-Series Temp and Humidity sensor so the Pearl can keep it at the right temperature. Reduce your HVAC’s workload by adding a programmed setback on the thermostat by setting schedules and having occupancy sensors know when you’re home and away. If you are home during a scheduled away time, pause or cancel it using the hold button. Installation couldn’t be more simple with quick-connect wiring terminals, eliminating the need for specialty screwdrivers or an extra set of hands. Automatically detects what type of configuration is needed once installed.


    Manufacturer eZLO
    Battery Type 4 AA
    Color Black, White
    Power 4 AA Batteries or 24V AC C Wire from HVAC system
    Warranty 1 Year Limited Manufacturer
    Brand Centralite

    Door requirements

    Battery Life 2 Years


    Wireless Protocol Zigbee
    Wireless Range 300 ft.


    Dimensions 4.125 (H) x 5.325 (W) x 1.13 (D) in.
    Weight 1.4 lbs