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    Web-Based Access Management Software

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    Attention hotel and motel owners! Special project pricing available. Contact us today to take advantage of exclusive offers tailored to your business. Let us help you find the perfect solution for your needs.

    Hospitality starts with Ambiance. dormakaba's latest web-based access management software streamlines hotel security and property operations in an easy to use centralized location. Monitor and manage guests, staff, rooms and access points at anytime and from anywhere. Works with existing PMS and other third party systems.

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    • Supports dormakaba’s Saflok brand of Bluetooth enabled locks
    • Multi-site property management
    • User-configurable property management including room, suite and access point creation and reconfiguration
    • User-configurable system settings including guest registration defaults, system security settings and encoder management
    • Specialty key management including failsafe, programming, block/lock diagnostic, toggle/unlock and more
    • Lock programming and auditing
    • Configurable role management
    • Staff management including key creation and access point tracking
    • Access management profiles including access schedules, staff shift scheduling, access point groups, and common and restricted access
    • Elevator management (general access and restricted floors)
    • Amenities management
    • Key creation from native web-based client or third-party PMS solution
    • Quick user adoption, intuitive workflows and online help

    From front desk to back of house and everything in-between, dormakaba Ambiance web-based access management software provides centralized property management anytime and anywhere. Log on to your property’s admin page to remotely manage security schedules, run reports and notify staff with on-screen notifications. The easy to use interface and on-screen help systems allow newly trained staff to quickly learn so they can focus on the guest. You can easily create keys, modify guest registrations, check-in/out times and more, directly from Ambiance or through your property management solution.

    Saving time and money is the core value of Ambiance. With today’s changing hotel technology landscape, flexibility is a must. You can add available features like remote lock management and mobile access when you see the need to upgrade. Configure property access to one or multiple buildings, controlling access to everything from guest rooms to restricted areas using a combination of staff profiles, access point group definitions, scheduling and credential management. With custom user roles, advanced password and user access settings that meet PCI compliance, your system is protected even more. Lock programming and auditing is a breeze with advanced diagnostics and troubleshooting support. Ambiance integrates with a variety of third party property management systems (PMS), point of sale systems, energy management solutions, parking gate systems and more.


    Manufacturer dormakaba USA Inc.
    Operating System Microsoft Windows 10
    Brand dormakaba

    Door requirements




    Supported Hardware Requirements

    2nd Generation Intel Core i5 (2GHx or greater)
    3rd or 4th Gen Core i5 processor or equivalent or faster
    RAM – 8 GB or greater
    Network Controller Gigabit Ethernet – 1 GB/second or greater
    Disk Drive (Free Space) 50 MG
    Supported Operating Systems/Web Browsers

    Supported Operating Systems
    Windows 8.1 Pro/Enterprise
    Windows 10 (Ambiance v 1.4 or higher) Pro/Enterprise – English only
    Web Browsers
    Google Chrome (latest version)
    Microsoft Edge (latest version)
    Microsoft Internet Explorer v11 (requires ActiveX, Meta Refresh scripting options be enabled)
    Recommended Screen Resolution – 1366 x 768 or greater

    Supported Hardware Requirements

    CPU – 2GHz/64-bit/quad core or faster
    RAM – 16 GB/64-bit or higher
    Network Controller – Gigabit Ethernet – 1 Gb/second or greater
    Disk Drive (Free Space) 30 GB (minimum)
    Additional disk space may be required based on database growth and backup/archiving settings
    Supported Operating Systems / Database

    Supported Operating Systems

    Microsoft Windows Server 2016 – English only
    Windows Server 2012 R2 Standard – English only (suitable for all site size deployments)
    Windows 10 Pro/Enterprise – English only (suitable only for sites with a maximum lock count of 200 locks coupled with a maximum of two encoders)

    SQL Server Express 2014* or SQL Server 2014 (*provided with Ambiance installation)

    Internet – Internet connectivity is required for remote support services.
    IP Address
    Static (preferred)
    Dynamic (DHCP)
    SERVER OPTIONS (Contact your technical representative to determine option requirements.)

    USB Port A USB 2.0 or greater port for USB connected encoders and/or Maintenance Unit devices when the server is designated as a workstation
    Ambiance SQL DB Backup Backups will be configured to USB thumb drive unless network backup exists
    Video – Video card required for screen connection

    Web User Interface
    Port 80 (HTTP)
    Port 443 (HTTPS)
    Encoder (TCP/IP)
    Port 28000 (TCP)
    Port 8265 (TCP / Oracle FIAS)
    Port 8264 (dormakaba IRS)
    Port 1619 (dormakaba web services)
    Virtual Machine or Private Hosting

    Virtual machine and private hosting is supported based on the hardware and operating system requirements stated above. Dedicated CPU & RAM is required
    Property Management Software (PMS) Interface Support

    The following PMS interface protocols are available: Web Services, TCP/IP, and Serial (limited availability) Please contact your PMS provider to verify integration compatibility