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  • eKey Net 200

    Advanced Fingerprint Access Control System

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    Wall-mount, PC required, supports 200 users.


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    • Accommodates up to 200 fingerprints per access point (e.g. per door)
    • Underlying technology provides for a thermal-based scan of the fingerprint.  No image of the print is stored, ensuring the user’s privacy
    • Installation and operating manuals are included for a simple and straightforward setup
    • Intuitive based software with easy to follow user interface for setting up and managing users.
    • Scanner will endure all types of environmental conditions, including rain, and snow.  For installations where direct rain, snow, or sunlight will be on the scanner, please order the weather protector cap at checkout

    System Options

    • Standard – 3-Relay System Each enrolled finger can be assigned one of three functions. i.e. Same user can perform different access functions by using different fingers to activate different relays
    • UDP – Crestron, Control 4, Savant, etc. UDP interface is for integration of eKey into today’s most popular home automation and entertainment systems
    • Wiegand Interface – Supports 26-bit and Pyramid 39-bit cards for compatibility with existing card access systems


    • Software Compatibility:  Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP Professional SP3, Windows Server 2000 SP4, Windows Server 2003 SP1 (and SBS 2003),  Vista Home premium, Vista Business, Vista Enterprise, Vista Ultimate
    • Scanner Dimensions:  3 3/4″ H x 2 1/4″ W x 2 1/4″ D
    • Control Unit Dimensions:  4 1/2″ H x 7 1/4″ W x 1 1/4″ D
    • Operating Temperature Range:  -20F ~ 185F
    • FAR (False acceptance rate – # of times unauthorized person accepted as authorized) < .001%
    • FRR (False rejection rate – # of times an authorized person is rejected – simply a convenience concern, if ever rejected you re-present your finger) < .7%
    • Matching time:  appx 1.2 seconds
    • Humidity Rating for scanner:  Operates in up to 95%.  IP 43 technical rating
    • Wiring Distance:  Up to 300FT with CAT5/6 cable.  Up to 600FT with 18AWG gauge wire


    eKey Net is a computer managed physical access control system where your finger is the key. Using sophisticated biometry, eKey lets you regulate access by measuring a person's biological characteristics. Instead of the key being on you, you are the 'key.' This eliminates key tracking, lockouts, lock replacements, re-keying, and card/PIN sharing, translating into maximum security, maximum oversight, maximum accountability, and reduced liability. eKey Net is comprised of one or more fingerprint scanners networked together and administered using a windows based software program on your PC/network. It's client/server based which means those with authorized permission can manage users and doors both locally (at their PC) and remotely (using a VPN or virtual private network). The software's rich spectrum of capabilities for managing the devices, users, time schedules, calendars, access rights, actions, events, logging, etc, is as strong as anything on the market. eKey Net's underlying technology is also very robust. User's are ensured their privacy as an image of their print is never stored anywhere. When a user is enrolled, a thermal scan is taken of the finger. The data from the scan is organized into a unique algorithm for that user. Secure, convenient, and reliable, eKey Net gives you the power to centrally administer access via your computer. You setup, enroll, manage, and maintain who has authorized access to a specific door or grouping of doors at your main office location and branch or satellite locations. You can use eKey Net in a wide range of applications such as controlling doors, garage doors, main gates, alarm systems, weapons cabinets, valuable cabinets, etc. With real-time monitoring, audit trail, and programmable time-determined access, eKey Net is an important investment in your company's safety, data-loss prevention, and productivity strategy. Before ordering, you want to consider how many user's you will need to enroll for each door, because this eKey Net scanner kit has a capacity of 200 users. When you have more than 200 users who will need access to a particular door/access point, and you want to be sure all or part of these same users have access to other doors within your main facility and branch facility locations, then take a look at eKey Net 2000 User. If 200 users is overkill, you can save by ordering the eKey Net 40 User. eKey Net ships as a scanner kit for controlling the first door/access point. Each additional access point and/or door in your system requires an additional scanner kit. The number of fingerprints per access point/door dictates the required scanner capacity. (whether eKey Net 40-user, 200-user, or 2000-user) Your scanner kit contains one access scanner, one control unit, one power adapter, and a LAN (local area network) converter (held inside the control unit) for homerun wiring from the door to your network switch or hub. A convenient USB eKey Net enrollment scanner is available at checkout for remotely enrolling employees, vs. making each employee go to the door. eKey Net is designed for use with an electric door strike or mag lock. Think of eKey Net as an electronic switch that can be turned ON/OFF with the swiping of a valid finger. When an authorized user presents their finger to the scanner, the strike will fire, allowing the person to open the door. Where do I put the electric strike? On the door jamb. You simply swap out your existing door strike with the electric strike. You can keep using the door lock hardware you have now. eKey can be setup on any hinged door. You can get started enrolling user's fingerprints in under an hour's time. All you do is wire the control unit to the exterior scanner, and then wire an electric strike or mag lock to the control unit. A power supply is included for the control unit. You'll want to use a separate power supply, such as our power supply selection for your electric strike. To tie in the control unit to your network, simply use the LAN (provided) converter (held in the control unit) for the ethernet/cat5 cabling.


    Manufacturer eKey
    Reader Type Fingerprint
    Brand eKey

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