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    Wired Remote Release


    Are you looking for the ultimate receptionist door release button? Getting up to let people into your space is a relic of the past. Unlock doors for guests with the click of a button. This buzz-in electric strike kit allows you to remotely open the door for visitors, customers, or workers, promoting a safe and secure working environment.
    An electric buzzer door lock adds convenience to your day. Grant access the GoKeyless way!

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    Kit includes 1 Receptionist Button + 1 Plug-In Power Adapter + 1 Electric Door Strike

    • Remote buzz-in of guests/visitors
    • Commercial duty hardware
    • Ensure you match the strike’s voltage selection with your power adapter voltage at installation
    • Release strike by pressing inscribed key symbol on receptionist button
    • Re-lock upon release of button

    Support: Wire Selection Guide

    Right now you have to stop what you're doing and physically walk to the door to let someone in.  This outdated approach for granting temporary access, whether for a visitor, trade worker, or customer can be easily improved upon.  With a small amount of effort and investment, you can implement an automated approach to remotely authorize passage.  The buzz-in lock kit here has all the components less your wiring to create your new remote release system.  It includes the door release push button, a commercial grade deadlatch 24VAC electric door strike for aluminum store-front doors, and a plug-in power supply.  When someone needs to come in, simply press the button with the inscribed key and the electric strike will fire, allowing the individual to grab the existing door knob or handle, and pull or push the door open. The button pulses the electric strike to open. Strike re-locks upon releasing button.


    Power 24V AC

    Door requirements