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  • dormakaba Mas CDX-10

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    • Audit:  Records all openings, and the record is non-resettable.  The CDX-10 records unsuccessful attempts after 3 incorrect combination attempts and resets after a correct opening.
    • Direct Dial:  No need to clear before entering combination. Once you stop turning the dial, the power will shut down after 40 seconds.
    • Random Number View:  True Scramble
    • Easy Install:  DIY installation, mounting templates and instructions included with purchase
    • Backlit LCD:  Limited view (on top of dial), backlit, display with indicator arrows makes combination dialing fast and easy
    • Manipulation:  Fail secure (stays locked) against high-voltage attack, robot attack, X-ray methods, magnetic, vibration, and R/F
    • Wrong Try Penalty:  10-14 errors results in a 3 minute time out. 15 errors or greater results in a 4 minute time out. Both error count and penalty time resets with valid combination
    • Mounting Plates/Door Strike:  included with order

    Technical Information

    • Salt Spray:  Still operational after 72 hours of continuous exposure
    • High R.P.M. (rotations per minute):  Not operational after 4 hours in each direction @ 600R.P.M. Fails Secure (stays locked)
    • Case & Bolt Strength:  600 lbs in two directions
    • Electrical Discharge:  Withstands up to 250KV on Dial
    • Vibration:  MIL-STD-810
    • Shock:  MIL-STD-901
    • National Stock Numbers (NSN):  With Non Drill-Resistant mounting plate – 5340-01-498-2759; With Drill-Resistant hard plate – 5340-01-492-2760
    • Warranty: 2 years

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    The Kaba Mas X-10 High Security Lock is manufactured per General Services Administration (GSA) specification Section FL-L-2740B. Section 1.1.1 of this specification requires Limited Use for all approved locks.

    Section 1.1.1 Limited Use “Locks tested and qualified under this specification are to be sold only to the Federal Government, Government contractors specifically authorized to purchase these locks, or other organizations specifically authorized or required by the Government to use these locks”.

    Sales to Government personnel will require a Government credit card, a Government purchase order reference, or a Government identification or CAC card. Government contractors will require a CAGE Code. The X-10 Manufacturing serial number should be linked with the sales order information and stored in a secure database.

    KABA MASFor nearly two decades CDX locks have taken center stage as part of the security infrastructure for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities (SCIF).  These sites are home to our nation's secret and top secret information.  Meeting the requirements of Federal Specification FF-L-2890A, the CDX-10 lock mounts to SCIF doors to provide protection on a scale necessary for securing these rooms and buildings.  The CDX-10 consists of anX-10 (Meets Federal specification FF-L-2740B), mounted on a deadbolt base plate.  Building on the success of its CDX-09 predecessor, the CDX-10 features a new sealed lock case, lock bolt design, and beefed up motor.  Even better performance and protection is the result, and installation is now easier as the lock mounts through the case.  There's no need to install the back cover first.  As did the CDX-09, the CDX-10 continues to rack up eco-points by deriving its power from the same self-powered green technology.  This means no batteries to change, and no scheduled maintenance.  This makes it the most environmentally advanced lock, helps reduce service costs, and gives you consistent, around the clock prevention against threats.  It's why the X-10 combination lock of the CDX-10 is the only electro-mechanical lock approved for "Style 1" applications, as set forth by FF-L-2740B.  Be aware the characteristics and operating features of a Style 1 and Style 2 lock are not the same.  The X-10 is the only self-contained lock and clearly represents the best overall value.  The X-10 is the lock awarded the distinction of being approved for Style 1 Applications.  In the same way the X-10 restricts access to approved GSA storage containers, the CDX-10 controls entry into open storage, and continuous operation areas. 

    3 Modes of Operation
    • Single Combination Mode:  access by dialing a six-digit combination
    • Dual Combination Mode:  access only when two separate codes are dialed within 10 seconds of another
    • Supervisory/Subordinate Mode:  access by a subordinate only after a supervisor code has been entered


    Manufacturer dormakaba, Kaba Mas
    Lock Features Old Audit Trail
    Solution Electronic
    Warranty 2 Year Manufacturer
    Access Type Combo
    Locking Device Surface Latch

    Door requirements

    Mounting Plate Non-drill resistant



    Weight 9 lbs