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    Electronic Server Rack Lock

    SKU: 060TLS03PI00S


    Secure your servers. The TANlock 3 provides a modular access control solution for data centers, telecommunication facilities and similar security-related areas. Interchangeable authentication modules provide flexible options to adapt to evolving security needs, including PIN, RFID, hand vein scan and more.

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    TANlock 3

    • Modular access control system
    • Remotely configurable
    • Two-factor authentication settings
    • Simple integration into existing IT infrastructures
    • Power supply by PoE (Power over Ethernet)
    • No additional software needed by a consequent usage of interface standards (LDAP, MS ActiveDirectory, SNMP, SysLog, WebService)
    • Configurable security by VLAN
    • Remote control
    • Easy assembly without any additional hardware needed
    • High-qualitative zinc die-casted housing
    • Elegant design
    • Infinitely scalable
    • Individual authentication modules can be used to fit nearly any scenario and changed later to fit evolving needs
    • PIN-Pad model shown, additional modules including RFID, PIN+RFID, Hand Vein Scan, Fingerprint and Touch Display are available via special order

    Local Features

    • Installation of local users (max. 30 users per lock)
    • Generation of local user protocols (approx. 1000 rotating log entries)
    • Possibilities for activating/deactivating certain interfaces
    • Firmware updates possible by using the programming adaptor or (if enabled) RJ45 port
    • DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) or fix allocation of IP address

    For more information about the TANlock system, additional module options and other product variations, please contact our sales specialists at 937-247-9327 ext. 603

    The TANlock 3 is a modular access control system designed for security and flexibility. Interchangeable authentication modules are available in a variety of access control technologies, including PIN, RFID, hand vein scan, and more to fit nearly any scenario. The TANlock system is infinitely scalable to match growing business needs without increasing complexity. TANlocks are remotely configurable so you don’t have to waste time and money physically attending each lock to change settings or fix an employee lock out. Two-factor authentication option provides additional security for sensitive areas. Up to 30 users can be stored on each lock with 1000 rotating access log entries recorded. With Power over Ethernet (POE) and configurable security software over your VLAN network, the TANlock easily integrates into existing IT infrastructures. Easy to assemble without any additional hardware needed and an elegant design, this modular lock will soon be in every server room in the world!

    For more information about how the TANlock 3 can work for you and your business, please contact our sales specialists at 937-247-9327 ext. 603


    Manufacturer FATH Mechatronics
    Color Black
    Power POE
    Access Type Hand Vein
    Keypad - Digits
    Proximity Card/Fob
    Brand TANlock

    Door requirements

    Module Option PIN Pad, RFID, PIN Pad + RFID, Touch Display, QR Code, Fingerprint, Handvein Scanner


    Module Option PIN Pad, RFID, PIN Pad + RFID, Touch Display, QR Code, Fingerprint, Handvein Scanner


    Dimensions 9.27 (H) x 1.58 (W) x 1.15 (D) in.
    Weight 1.5 lbs