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Our Guide to Gun Locks

If you’re on the hunt for gun locks for rifles, pistols, shotguns, handguns, or any other kind of gun, you’ve come to the right place.

There are close to 500 accidental gun deaths a year in America, according to the CDC. One way you can prevent accidental gun firings: invest in a gun safety lock.

At GoKeyless, our gun locks help ensure that only the intended person can access your weapon. Unlike storage cabinets, these trusted trigger locks allow you to unlock your gun as quickly when you can input your customized code.

The Benefits of Gun Safety Locks

Storing your gun is a key element of gun safety. While some gun owners may prefer gun safes, others like to have their gun at their side. We get it! These keyless gun trigger locks allow you quick and easy access to your gun when you need to use it, while also prioritizing safety.

GoKeyless Gun Lock Brands

MASTER LOCK 94DSPT - Master Lock has been a household name for ages! This gun lock is known for its durability and strength, with a customizable 3 digit combination. Perfect whether you’re planning to store your gun at home or on the range. Enjoy the user-friendly aspect of this gun safety lock which offers quick access to your weapon when needed.

GUNLOK SX-105 - If you’re looking for a gun lock for handguns, rifles or shotguns, this tested lock might be exactly what you’re looking for! With this keyless option, only you have easy access to your weapon, while all others are simply out of luck. Enjoy the safety of knowing your loved ones are protected from an accidental shooting, while still having the option to grab your gun at a moment’s notice.

Choose Convenience & Safety With Gun Safety Locks

After choosing and programming your individual combination for your gun safety lock, you can use it to make sure your gun won’t be accidentally triggered. Our options are easy to use but virtually impossible to bypass!

Forget looking for your keys when you need to use your weapon. Make both convenience and safety a top priority when you invest in a gun lock with GoKeyless!