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Security Gadgets for Home

Our selection of security gadgets makes life just a little bit safer. Looking for a gift for a friend? Want to deck out your home or office? Need an extra boost of confidence during your day? Take a look at our selection—you might be surprised by what’s out there.

Why Not Buy a Neat Gadget?

Sometimes it’s nice to splurge a little bit on yourself! Adding in the right security gadget can offer peace of mind to your day. Whether you’re looking to increase protection for your home, want to feel safe walking alone at night, or simply need to keep alcohol away from mischievous teens, we have something for everyone!

Our Selection of Security Gadgets

Security Bar for Door - Add in an extra layer of protection with your own security bar. A burglar-deterrent, this Master Lock contraption could be the difference between a devastating home invasion and an attempted one.

Bottle Lock - Keep adult beverages away from little ones (and not-so-little ones) with our liquor bottle lock. This four dial combination locks lets you create your own individual code, and fits into most liquor and wine bottles.

Decorative Diffuser Panels - Create an indoor world that mirrors the beauty of the outdoor one. These calming light diffusers fit over fluorescent lights and are a perfect addition to classrooms, restaurants, hospitals, and homes. Easily-installed and wildly adored, these diffusers brighten up any room.

Mugger Stopper Plus - Protect yourself no matter where you are with this portable security gadget. When activated, this personal alarm system works in two different ways: a piercing alarm will sound while strobe lights start to flash. Get the attention of a good samaritan while scaring off your attacker.

Gadget Applications

Our goal is to make your life a little bit easier, any way that we can. From feeling safe while walking at night to beautifying your indoor space, our security gadgets and array of trusted, keyless lock options can make a big difference.

Experience the difference for yourself. Whether you’re looking to protect your home, business, or office, it’s always a good idea to GoKeyless!