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Why Invest in Safety Locks?

Taking the time to prioritize your own safety is a worthwhile investment. Our thorough collection of safety locks are designed to keep intruders out of your way so you can go through your life without fear. Whether you’re home or out and about, you deserve to know that you’re protected.

Explore Our Personal Safety Locks Offerings

Security Bar for Doors - add an extra layer to your home’s defenses with tried and true Master Lock security bars. Implementing one of these in your home greatly decreases your chances of burglars making it past your door.

Mugger Stopper - protect yourself during late night walks with this conveniently sized personal alarm. Between a high pitched frequency and strobe lights, you’ll be sure to scare off any potential threats.

Garage Door Keypad Opener - give yourself the convenience of opening your garage with a sequence of numbers you won't forget. Easily programmable and universal—it’ll fit right in with any current garage door set-up.

Combination Trigger Lock - Keep your rifle, shotgun, or handgun locked up tight with our trusted Master Lock or GunLok trigger lock options. Striking the perfect balance between security and quick access, you’ll be glad you outfitted your gun with one of these.

Where to Use Safety Locks

We recommend utilizing safety locks in and around your home, wherever you need enhanced protection. While it’s important to outfit your doors to ensure thieves can’t break in, it’s also worthwhile to carry around personal safeguards. Not to mention, trigger locks allow you to keep your gun accessible and secured.

You deserve to feel out of harm’s way whether you’re in your home or outside it. And you can with GoKeyless.