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When it comes to protecting your home, finding the right fit is key. Now is the time to bid goodbye to old-fashioned keys and replace locks at your front door, patio sliding door, garage door and backyard gates. These mechanical keyless and pushbutton locks secure any opening where keys can be a hassle. Once you install a keyless residential door lock option for your home, you’ll see the additional security it can provide, keeping your loved ones and prized possessions safe and sound.

Benefits of Mechanical Residential Door Locks

Keyless deadbolt, deadlatch, and keypad door locks are the perfect way to secure your home without the inconvenience of keys. Forget rekeying your doors when keys are misplaced or stolen. Keyless options give you the freedom to come and go as you please, while keeping your home safe and secure. When you have the power to set (and change) the codes for your residential door locks without worrying about the cost of batteries or the need to change them, you hold the key to keeping your home protected.

Brands of Mechanical Residential Door Locks

dormakaba Simplex - For nearly half a century, Kaba Simplex locks have delivered strong, superior security. Boasting both reliability and durability, you can’t go wrong with a Kaba Simplex residential door lock. GoKeyless offers an array of Simplex options including combination and keypad access types for mortise, deadbolt, panic/exit and more.

Lockey - Since 1970, Lockey has been a pioneer in the world of keyless security. Lockey keyless residential door locks offer unparalleled mechanical reliability and performance when it comes to securing your home, your pool, driveway, and backyard gates, and keeping your loved ones safe. Backed by a lifetime warranty, you make a solid investment when you decide to go with a Lockey lock.


Utilize these keyless residential door lock options to secure the entirety of your home. Access any entrance by inputting a number that others can’t guess. Level up your code with a sequential numeric pattern when you choose Simplex mechanical residential keyless locks like the push button 7100 deadbolt. By changing the number semi-frequently, you control who can and can’t enter your space.

The added convenience also allows you to travel in and around your house without having to carry keys along. Any entrance can easily be fitted with our keyless options, including master bedroom and guest room doors, home office, and door to the basement, man cave, or sliding glass door leading outside to your patio. Check out our array of keyless deadbolt, deadlatch, and keypad door locks to see what fit is right for you!

Want to ensure that your home is properly protected with a keyless residential door lock? Reach out to chat with us. We’re happy to answer any and all questions you may have so you can feel good about Going Keyless!