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The Benefits of a Fingerprint Scanner Time Clock

Once you leave the world of physical time cards, you’re not going to want to go back. Take it from us—there’s a lot of love about investing in a technologically advanced time and attendance system:

Efficiency - advanced fingerprint technology allows your employees to clock in and out in .5 seconds.

Trackability - keep tabs on your employees hours without tracking physical punch cards.

Streamlined - while you may have multiple entrances to your workplace, the A300 works together so that you can easily audit everyone’s virtual time cards.

Honesty - with this system you can rest assured that no one is clocking in for someone else.

One of our favorite features? This fingerprint technology is advanced enough that it doesn’t need your whole fingerprint to identify you! This is a game-changer if you work in a place where employees might have imperfect fingerprints (from scarring or rough labor work).

The Premiere Brand of Attendance Systems

At GoKeyless, we only carry one brand of time tracking technology because we found that was all we needed! Anviz has been known for creating smart and innovative technology to make life a little bit easier. With their RFID and fingerprint scanner time clock, your employees can clock in and out quickly and efficiently. Plus, you’ll easily be able to track attendance so you can keep an eye out for overtime or missed clock-ins.

How to Use a Time and Attendance System

Position your new system in a central location (or multiple locations) and show your employees how to use it. In no time, you’ll see how easy it is to tell who arrived when and how long they stayed.

Join the 21st century where physical time cards are a thing of the past! Step into the future; we have everything you need at GoKeyless!