TP-LINK, and how it can help with adding a connected lock to a z-wave ecosystem

Z-wave technology causes some struggles at times. The idea of a home automation system that thinks for you and gives you control at your fingertips is appealing. But how do you overcome the hurdles to set it up? Will it work in my environment? These are some of the concerns our customers encounter and in this post we will help you get moving with what we advise as the best configuration to get you started.

In order to understand Z-Wave you must start with the fact that it is a mesh network. Mesh Network, what the heck is that?? Great question! The answer is very simple. The more devices you add to your home or environment the stronger your network becomes. As more items are added they “mesh” together to enhance the communication and overall response time of your system. With this concept understood you can easily overcome many of the connection issues most of our customers run into EXCLUDING the locks. Wait…..what! Locks don’t mesh? That’s right, they don’t. In the Z-Wave network it is important to know locks will not add to the communication power of the network. The information and programming packets are far too large for this to take place, the locks do not repeat the signal and strengthen your network. So what is the solution you might ask? The TP-LINK.

TP-LINK is one of the best tools in the networking arsenal, or at least we think so. The TP-Link is not a new item to the market, in fact it has been enhancing network communication for years now. What this device will allow you to do is move your gateway (the device by which you send all these Z-Wave commands out, like “open the door”) within 15 feet of the lock or to the closest outlet nearest the lock. Think of it as if you were moving your router right next to the lock and plugging in your gateway right next to it! The TP-Link will use your home’s electrical current to pass the internet signal to another area of the house where connecting to your router is not possible. Say your router is on the 2nd story of your two story home. No longer do you have to fish ethernet cable through the house to get your gateway connection near the lock. Now you can move it freely at a fraction the cost, and it’s convenient. With this device in your Z-Wave toolbag you can begin your Z-Wave network at the most important part of your house to control. Where people enter!

If you are missing this device and struggling with the scenarios above, pick one up today at Where smart home control solutions start! Trust us, you need one!

TP-Link AV500 Kit Powerline Adapter Starter Kit