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    Keep your valuables secure with our cabinet locks. Whether in an office or at home, GoKeyless offers keyless options providing a sleek and efficient way to safeguard important documents, equipment, or personal items without the need for traditional keys.

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    Why Keyless Locks?

    Once you swap keyless locks in your home or business, you’ll love the added convenience and security they bring. Open up locked spaces with ease and relax, knowing your wallet, keys and phone are safe. Our keyless options are easily installed, maintained, and utilized.

    Keyless Cabinet Door Locks
    When it comes to locking cabinets, there’s a new option in town. Gone are the days of tracking small keys, or worse, having to break into your own kitchen or medicine cabinet for your pharmaceuticals. Each year, lost keys (or the fear of losing them) means cabinets are left open and vulnerable. GoKeyless is here to change that.

    With keyless cabinet locks, you can secure your belongings in a convenient and personalized way. Perfect for the office, kitchen cabinet locks, sensitive files, or simply keeping the baby out of the cleaning supplies. Choose from leading brands including Digilock, CompX, Codelocks, Lockey, Simplex and more.

    Take the next step in safeguarding valuables by installing keyless cabinet door locks throughout your home or office. Looking for electronic cabinet locks? At GoKeyless, we have options available in remote and key fob access styles! Looking for a more timeless feel? You can always find classic combination and keypad access options.

    Locker Door Locks
    Programmable locker locks give you the peace of mind for any type of locker. With our options, you’ll be able to offer guests, residents, members, students and staff security and convenience. We carry a variety of styles that work with different lockers, perfect for use in a gym, spa, school, theme park or anywhere lockers are used.

    Our user-friendly locker door locks make securing your belongings a breeze. Get ready for your locker room to take on a whole new style.

    Plus, with automatic re-locking capabilities, you can relax knowing your locker door locks are doing the heavy lifting for you -- keeping your valuables safe.

    Drawer Locks
    Keep drawers locked against those who shouldn’t have access to them. From workplaces to home offices, desk drawer locks keep your possessions, documents, even your cash box safe. Make sure that sensitive and irreplaceable files stay protected against theft.

    Select a smart drawer lock option for wireless accessibility so you can get into your drawer with your smartphone or other device. Looking for more detailed information? You can track the log to see when the drawer was last opened!

    It’s time to safeguard valuables in a protected, convenient way. Not sure which model is right for your needs? Reach out. We’re here to find the perfect option to help you GoKeyless!