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    GoKeyless takes great pride in serving our government and military customers. When operational security is critical for the global warfighter and asset protection, government agencies rely on GoKeyless products for their facility security upgrades and HSPD-12 compliance. Selected by contracting officers, base personnel, and security directors to control access to buildings, storage units, command centers, and living facilities, these locks feature cutting-edge innovations for use anywhere advanced security is required to meet the needs of the military or government.

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    Your Guide to Locks for the Military & Government

    Looking to invest in the highest levels of security for your space? Enhanced protection means keeping others out while securing assets. And nothing can do that better than a keyless lock made strong enough for military and government use. Our options are designed to ensure safety, security, ease of use, and durability. What more could you ask for?

    The Benefits of Locks for Military & Government Sites

    Keyless locks for doors at military bases and government offices offer top-notch strength to bring complete privacy to spaces that require it. From easy to use mechanical options to highly sophisticated digital door locks, you have the power to customize how you want to secure total privacy.

    Virtually indestructible, our military-duty locks are highly durable and weather resistant, standing strong against rust, salt, and corrosion no matter what environment you’re in.

    Types of Locks for Military & Government Installations

    Mechanical - our selection of mechanical keyless door locks allow you to keep things simple without sacrificing security. Easy to install and easy to maintain. Sometimes simple is best!

    Electronic - the future of locks has arrived and it is sophisticated. Electronic digital door locks take away the unpredictability of lost or damaged keys, ensuring easy access for all intended parties. Detailed audit trails allow you to know who was in what area and when.

    SCIF Locks - for Sensitive Compartmented Information Facilities, you don’t want to take any chances with security. Meet the highest quality systems to keep your spaces private. Record all openings to see when the room is accessed. For enhanced security, a wrong try penalty deters those trying to guess their way in.

    Vault & Container Locks - keep assets locked up tight with these vault locks. Both of our options offer easy installation, plus a two year warranty. Please note: our SARGENT & GREENLEAF 2740B Safe Lock and Kaba Max X-10 and CDX locks are sold exclusively to the Federal Government.

    How to Use These Locks

    At GoKeyless, we aim to make securing your space easy and hassle-free with an array of keyless door lock options. Our locks for government applications up the ante, ensuring the ultimate protection for sensitive spaces, documents, and items.

    Utilize our locks for your buildings, rooms, or vaults that require limiting access and complete privacy. Trust the durability and strength that our locks are known for! Shop our extensive collection and experience the peace that comes with knowing you’ve installed a top-tier lock.

    When you want the toughest locks to ensure complete confidentiality, you want to GoKeyless!