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  • Age Old Practice of Locking a Door Has a New Enemy

    With crime rates continuing to climb across the nation many people are becoming more aware of the need for home security. For many people security is simply locking a door knob or throwing a deadbolt to feel safe at the end of the day.

    Many people do not realize that this age old practice has a new enemy that is making the traditional lock-and-key a relic of a bygone era. New ways of bypassing this security have become more prevalent in these last few years.

    One method that has gained enormous traction and yet has not been talked about enough in national media is the art of lock bumping.

    Unlike picking a lock the art of lock bumping a keyed-in-lock is not as widely known or portrayed in television shows or movies. But for those who have been harmed by its ways – homeowners, insurance companies and national law enforcement agencies – to them it has become a problem of epidemic proportions.

    Gone are the days of kicking in doors and breaking windows because the method of bumping allows a criminal to enter a home in as little as 10 seconds, without making any sound more significant than a key turning a lock.

    Lock bumping door locks leaves no break-in clues for homeowners who are robbed and no way for local law enforcement to be able to track who may have done it. This is creating a situation for insurance companies who are attempting to satisfy and restore a hurt client but at the same time trying to avoid fraud.

    All of this can be avoided by going keyless and using bump proof locks. Not only have bump proof locks presented a new security against the threat of lock bumping but it has also provided security against the ancient practice of picking a lock as well.

    SmartCode Keyless Door Lock

    Cutting edge high security lock protects you and your family.

    Kwikset’s SmartCode Touchpad Electronic Deadbolt featuring SmartKey Re-key Technology gives homeowners the comfort and convenience of having both a keyless lock and a specialized keyway that guards against key bumping and picking

    This allows you not only to have the convenience of the keyless lock keypad usage, but also for those afraid of going with complete bump proof locks, you have a key override which can be used without the fear of someone bumping or picking the keyway.

    SmartCode 909 Signature Series Deadbolt – Satin Nickel