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  • Attention Landlords! Four Reasons to Go Keyless

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    Wouldn’t it be nice to get rid of those noisy keys that always smack against your side? How about a deadbolt for your office that automatically locks behind you, securing confidential tenant information and company records every time you leave? And who doesn’t want the safest and most reliable locks for their rental property, right?

    If you’re a landlord or a property manager looking for ways to give your apartment complex or rental property a competitive edge, then keyless entry doors may be your solution. Here are four benefits of keyless entry locks:

    Reason #1: Eliminates Lockouts

    As the name suggests, keyless locks don’t require keys, so tenants never have to worry about getting locked out again. This is especially convenient for tenants with children. What if the kids forget their key or they lose it? Keyless entry eliminates this problem and provides peace of mind for your tenants that they can gain access to their home or apartment with a simple security code or the touch of a thumb—a unique selling feature you can add to your list of amenities.

    As a landlord, keyless locks spare you from the constant interruption of lockouts, so you can be confident that your tenants will always have access to their home even when you’re not available. Plus, you don’t have to worry about past tenants that still have duplicate keys. With keyless locks, you can simply change the code when your tenant moves out.

    Reason #2: Improves Security

    The vast majority of locks in the U.S. contain pins that are vulnerable to lock picking and lock bumping, techniques that allow criminals to break-in without causing serious damage or loud noise. With keyless locks, you never have to worry about forced entry because the lock does not contain a keyhole, so criminals can’t “jimmy” their way inside your leasing office or your vacant properties.

    Do you have tenants with special needs children or seniors who require constant supervision? In the same way keyless locks keep criminals from gaining entry from the outside, double-sided keyless locks prevent unauthorized exits by requiring a code from the inside. These locks provide property managers with a solution for tenants who may wander into busy streets, swimming pools, and other dangerous areas if unsupervised.

    Reason #3: Allows Greater Control of Access

    Because keyless locks use a pin code, property managers have more control over who has access to the property. Codes can be changed either online or at the keypad itself, and they can be programmed for a set time limit. This is especially convenient when you have contractors and other maintenance people that need temporary access to your property or apartments.

    With a keyless lock and a programmable code, you can also eliminate the need to change the lock every time a tenant moves out. Installing a new lock requires the expertise of a locksmith, which is not only expensive but also inconvenient, especially if your locksmith is busy and or unavailable for hours.

    Reason #4: Installs in Place of Existing Locks

    Keyless locks install like a traditional lock and they require no wires or special tools, so they can be installed in place of your existing locks. These locks can operate using mechanical components (i.e. no power source) while others may require batteries, so there’s no need to change the door or alter the frame to install them.

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