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    Car Crash

    Lafayette, December 12 (jconline.com)

    William “Billy” Barry, 44, of Lafayette was slowing to a stop while driving south on 18th Street when he looked down to see if the key to his new apartment was in his lap. The next moment, he slammed into the wall outside the Lafayette fire station on 18th Street. “I must have hit the curb,” Barry said. The impact then propelled his pickup truck into the fire station wall. Barry slammed his elbows into the steering wheel, but he didn’t complain of any other injuries from the early Friday afternoon crash. Lt. Elmo Paul Robledo of the Lafayette Fire Department said he had just returned from a run when he saw the red Chevy pickup truck. Barry, who is on disability, was returning to his former residence to gather more of his belongings for his move when he crashed. He had just met with his landlords, he said, and he had lost the key to his new apartment. “I should have took time to put it on (the key ring) before I took off, but I was in a hurry,” Barry said.

    Several sets of keys to the Tower of London were stolen by a burglar who scaled the fortress' main gate last week, British media reported.

    We know that this is a silly story, but we have added it our list of reasons why you should go keyless. 😉